Svakom Emma Heating magic Wand Massager

Svakom Emma Heating Magic Wand Couples Sex Toy

A Svakom Luxury Body Wand For Couples, the Svakom Emma Magic Heating Wand is undoubtedly the ultimate sex toy for couples.

Reasons are many, and you are going to find some of them here. For starters, it’s wrapped in the softest silicone material. Its seamless design makes the entire masturbatory experience quite extraordinary and user-friendly. When it’s used with sufficient water-based lube, it just glides across your skin like butter.

Svakom Emma
Heating Magic Wand

You may ask what makes this vibe to be quite unique.

Radiant heat function is the answer. You get it, ladies and gentlemen. When you have never had that heated stimulation before, with this vibe you are guaranteed to experience a whole new level of excitement.

For those women who are new to clitoral stimulation

It’s advised that you take it slow at first before you increase the speed. There are various reviews online about the vibe that shows orgasm normally lasts longer because of the relaxation you feel from the heat.  Even after experiencing orgasm you may feel still the pulsating warmth that radiates from your orgasm.

For some people, packaging plays a significant role in the presentation of a product including a sex toy.

Way the item is packed is a pointer to how the company not only cares about its products but also its clients. When you look at Svakom Emma on the website, it might appear like just any common “magic-wand” style vibe.  But this is not the case. When you pull out the toy, for example, you might notice something resembling a pair of duck lips (Note: This is not what they are called).  These play a quite significant role in the entire foreplay and achieving the perfect orgasm you require.

What’s more?

A great deal about Svakom Emma magic heating wand is that it may be utilized with or without the heat, as well as with or without duck lips attachment. This attachment is designed from a flexible silicone. It will work like some sort of a dream to stimulate your breasts and nipples. Giving you the ultimate sensation you need. You may utilize the duck lips around your clitoris, around the penis of your partner, around your nipples, and G spot.

Definitely this is going to be an extra foreplay bonus.

It’s large head of this amazing vibe may not be perfect for insertion, as you may imagine. But it’s quite great when its silicone duck lips are attached. Once again, Emma is quite powerful. Therefore with just some small increase in speed, you are going to feel unbelievable vibrations coming through.

Only drawback

Is that the heat does not seem to penetrate through silicone layers, therefore the duck lips don’t get warm. But to insert the duck lips, you must squeeze together the ears using one ear out and the other one in. Users are able to pleasure simultaneously both the clitoris and G-spot with amazing results. This is quite incredible when you need to feel a wonderful sensation.

Vibe comes also with intelligent mode.

And what does this do? Well, the mode operates through some sequence, from foreplay to orgasm. You are guaranteed stimulating pleasure during the entire duration of sex play. With Svakom Emma magic wand, you are going to discover that each of your orgasm will feel different. With some powerful, some long while others are simply indescribable.  Its heat element plays a significant role in this variation by adding new variation to clitoral stimulation.

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Key Features Include

  • Body safe silicone.
  • 100 percent waterproof.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Internal heating function.
  • Spherical head that can be used at any angle.
  • Long lasting and powerful vibrations.
  • One year warranty.
  • Rabbit ear silicone attachment.
  • Vibration lasting 48 hours.
  • Svakom intelligent mode.


Only use water-based lubricant or a known safe silicone lubricant for sex toys.

From different positive reviews you may read online, you will discover that this is the best sex toys for couples. Have a look at another Svakom review, Svakom Cookie Candy top 10 sex toy 2018.

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