We-Vibe Chorus

So, We-Vibe Chorus is amazing. It would be rare, though not impossible, if you had never heard of We-Vibe and its vibrator range for couples. There are so many reasons why we have included the We Vibe chorus in our top 10 couples sex toys 2021. A famous clamp-shaped vibrator is designed to allow penetration into the vagina while wearing it.  A real innovation at the time, and now emulated by many brands.  We Vibe Chorus is made of medical grade silicone, very soft and that takes temperature quickly to adapt to the body.

Rechargeable through its charging and storage base, connected by USB cable. Remote can be stored in the same base, but it runs on a battery (it lasts a long time, so don’t worry about overcharging).

It has two motors

One for each section, with great power and very quiet. So we can enjoy its vibrations without thinking excessively about the noise that can be made. Both the internal section and the one that is placed on the clitoris are designed with a slight roughness, in order to better stimulate the area.  As it is made of silicone, only water-based lubricant is recommended. This way we lubricate and keep the toy in good condition for as long as possible.

When it comes to cleaning it is very simple.

Being submersible we can put it under the tap without problems. Use neutral soap to clean the remains of fluids that may have. Once clean dry with a lint-free cloth and store again in its storage base.

Innovation of this vibrator

Is the Touch-Sense technology that also has the remote control. This technology allows us to control the intensity of the vibration by simply pressing more or less forcefully on the remote. More pressure, the greater the intensity of vibration in Chorus.  To activate it, press the top button on the remote control for a few seconds. Same to deactivate the function.

We Vibe Chorus Controls

To use it we have three options. Vibrator button, remote control or App.

  • Directly from the vibrator button.  Press the button and it will vibrate in the first mode, and by pressing consecutively it will switch to the next mode.
  • From the remote control. Press the upper button for a few seconds. With the + and – buttons we increase or decrease the intensity. And with the right and left dates we vary between the vibration modes. Or we press more or less its base to modify the intensity.
  • From the sex toy App. First of all you have to download the free App We-Connect. Subsequently it will be necessary to pair the vibrator with the mobile through Bluetooth. It will be necessary to press for a few seconds the Chorus button to put it in pairing mode. And give it to search from the application. When it is synchronized, it will vibrate again and we will access the application and all its options.

Both the application, the controller and the vibrator itself can manage all modes

Although it is clear that the App offers us greater control of each pattern. Being able to create our own, as well as being able to share the experience by giving up control, sharing it, with video calls or chat. And all with strict confidentiality.  What is better, NOT allowing screenshots to be taken while the App is open. Which is of vital importance to avoid unnecessary leaks.

We Vibe Chorus Pros

  • Nice potency considering price.
  • Very responsive with the different ways to control it.
  • Lots of options to explore, both solo or in a couple.
  • Durable design, high-quality materials.

We Vibe Chorus Cons

  • Rather noisy compared to other products in its category.
  • It needs the app to make the most of it.
  • Difficult to use with protection.
We-Vibe Chorus
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