Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge

We are all after enjoying our sex life and the Liberator Wedge can be an addition we can consider. A sex pillow will help ramp your body, giving you better positioning for better sex, new sex positions, and deeper penetration.

Can a Liberator Wedge ramp it up? It might seem like an expensive pillow, but it is more than that. A good sex pillow can make sex more comfortable and add a spark to your sex life. Let’s have a look at why we have featured the Liberator Wedge in our top 10 sex toys for 2022.

What are the Pros, cons, and features of the Liberator Wedge?

Let us consider what you might like and dislike about this sex pillow.


* 100% waterproof polyester inner lining.
* Microfiber cover is machine-washable.
* Non-slip microfiber.
* With the discreet design, it is not easy for unfamiliar individuals to associate the pillow with a sex product.
* Wide range of colors for you to choose.
* Offers deeper penetration.
* Makes various sex positioning easier.


* Pillow is expensive.
* Lacks discreet packaging.
* Microfiber is not the most suitable for a sex pillow.
* Since it is waterproof, it might create a mess on you and the surroundings.

Despite the few cons of this sex pillow, the pros outweigh the cons. It will undoubtedly be a great addition to your bedroom. Might be expensive, but it is worth every coin.

Features of the Liberator Wedge

Below are some of the features of the liberator wedge.

  • Machine Washable

You can remove the outer microfiber cover for easy cleaning. It is machine washable in medium-cold water. To avoid degrading the quality of the microfiber, tumble dry on low heat. Washing it in warm or hot water will significantly affect its quality.

  • 27-degree angled wedge

It features a 27-degree angle pedestal providing the best access and ramp. Perfect for deeper penetration and maximum pleasure. G-spot is also better positioned for simulation. 27-degree angle liberator wedge gives better access and prevents the body from sinking into the mattress.

  • 100% Waterproof

Inner lining of this sex pillow is water and moisture-resistant. Whatever the mess, your pillow will still be clean. You only need to remove the outer microfiber for cleaning.

  • Non-slip Microfiber

It is made from non-slip microfiber to prevent the body from sliding off the pillow.  Will keep your body in position even for the rough and full-energy pleasure sessions.

Customize your sex positions

Time to customize your sex positions with this sex pillow. Liberator Wedge adds a new spark to the old sex positions such as the missionary, oral, masturbation, use of sex toys, or doggy style. It also makes sex more accessible and comfortable. Allowing you to go for longer without back and neck pains.


Below are the specifications of the Liberator Wedge.

* It measures 14 x 24 x7 inches.
* Weighs 2 pounds.
* Manufacturer: OneUp Innovations.
* It has a customer review of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

You can purchase the liberater wedge from various online stores or a sex pleasure store near you. It might seem expensive, but it is worth every penny for sex furniture.

How to use the Liberator Wedge?

  • It is easy to use this sex pillow.
  • Slide it under your back, legs, torso, or stomach.
  • It will ramp up your pelvic area, offering you comfortable and endless possibilities for sexual pleasure.

To Wrap Up

Liberator Wedge is great sex furniture you can add to your bedroom. It will undoubtedly make sex comfortable and long-lasting and ensure you are satisfied. You should try the Liberator Wedge for sensational sex life.

Liberator Wedge
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