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Today, we can talk about sex without fear of being judged so lets look at the Best Male Sex Toy. And if you want to spice up your bedroom activities, there are a lot of sex toys that can provide the thrill and pleasure that you’re looking for. Aside from enhancing sexual pleasure, using sex toys can also help reduce stress, boost immunity, and improve sleep.

Best thing about it is that sex toys are not just for women anymore. There are sex toys designed for men that can help address various sexual problems too. Such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and lack of libido. Cock rings, for example, can help men maintain their erection for longer. These toys can also make their erection firmer as well as delay ejaculation.

Today’s male sex toys feature smart sex tech, soft color palettes, and minimalistic designs. So you can find one that will perfectly fit your partner’s tastes and preferences. If you’re planning to get one for your partner, then you’re in the right place.  This guide will help you find the best sex toys for your partner.

Why You Should Get One for Your Partner

If you’re 100% fine with the idea of your partner using sex toys and you think that he’d like it as well, then you should go ahead and buy one. But if you still can’t decide, here are some reasons why you should get a sex toy for your partner.

What can sex toys do for your sex life?

Sex toys can make your sex life more exciting and fun as you can experiment with different styles, positions, and rhythms. Some sex toys help men last longer in bed, which means better and longer escapades for you.

Sex toys also allow for mutual masturbation. While it’s possible to masturbate with only your hands, it is sometimes more exciting and enjoyable when the couple uses toys and watches each other reach orgasm. Sex toys can replace you when you are not in the mood or when you are traveling. He can use the toy to feel pleasure even when you are not around. Moreover, there are various kinds of sex toys out there, and you can easily buy one online.

best male sex toy
Types of Mens Sex Toys

How to introduce your partner to the idea of sex toys

Introducing your partner to this idea is not necessary if you’re already using sex toys regularly or have used one before. But if you have not used a sex toy before, you should talk to him first before buying one. That way, you can make sure that he will be fine with the idea of using them.

Start by asking for his opinion about sex toys during a regular conversation. If your partner says that he is curious about these kinds of things or doesn’t mind having one, then it’s a sign that he is open to the idea of using a toy.

Once you have talked about this topic a few times, tell your partner that you want to use one during your sexual escapades. Don’t forget to say to him that, although you’re already satisfied with your current sex life, you also wish for him to experience the thrill that sex toys can bring.

Tips for Choosing the Right Male Sex Toy

Although there are a lot of sex toys out there, it doesn’t mean that you should get the first product you see. You need to pick a male sex toy that offers the best value for your money. To help you find the right one, here are some essential factors that you should consider when looking for a male sex toy for your partner.

Determine what your partner wants

Ask your partner what kind of sex toy he prefers. For example, if he wants something that can be used during sex, a penis ring might be the perfect gift. But if he wants something that can be used for masturbation, then consider getting a male masturbator.

If you’re thinking of giving it to him as a surprise gift, you will have to make the best guess and get a sex toy that you believe he will appreciate. If you can’t decide, you can always buy more than one toy. That way, he will have more choices.

Some toys are available in various sizes, while others are only available in one size. If you prefer the former, you have to ask your partner about the measurements of his penis so that you can buy the right toy for him. The toy should be comfortable to use so he won’t feel pain or discomfort while using it.

Compare products and read reviews

Don’t just buy the first product you see. Look for several models and makes of the toy, then compare them. You can do this by reading reviews about the toy that you’re planning to buy.

You will know what others have to say about the product and if they were satisfied with its design, performance, and material. Reading reviews is particularly important if you’re using a lube. Read the packaging to see what kind of lube should be paired with it, as using the wrong lube could damage the product.

Always choose a “skin-safe” toy made from ABS plastic, metal, silicone, or toughened glass. Rubber, latex, and jelly are porous, so they’re hard to clean. And if you have health issues affecting your sexual health, you should visit your doctor before buying any product. You can also seek advice from a relationship therapist, psychosexual counselor, or sexual health clinic in your area.

Final Thoughts

Buying a male sex toy for your partner is not an easy task, but you can pick the perfect toy that will please your partner if you follow the tips stated above. Not all products are made the same. That’s why you need to find a reliable shop that offers high-quality sex toys.

best male sex toy
Buy Online: Mens Sex Toys

Reliable Sex Toy Brands

# 1 Fleshlight

Not to be confused with flashlight, Fleshlight is a sex toy brand which is famous from male masturbators. It’s one of the biggest male sex toy store all over the world! It’s not affordable to most people because the average unit price of the product is more than $150.

# 2 Lelo

Well-known for selling luxury female sex products in over 50 international markets. It also developed a business in luxury male products. All the products are unique designed and you can find one if with enough budget.

# 3 FunFactory

A comprehensive online store for over 20 years, selling sex toys for females, males, gays, lesbians and bisexuals. It is popular in the north America and German, the best sellers on Funfactory are vibrators and male penis rings.

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