Top 10 Couples Sex Toys 2021

Sex toys are like any other product. Really!!!!  And finding the top 10 couples sex toys 2021 can be a daunting task.

I don’t buy anything without checking out the reviews.  When booking a hotel I always check out the reviews before I book. Four or five star reviews are a must because I’m worth it. Same when I’m buying sex toys for me or my partner, I want to make sure I’m buying based on recommendations from people who have used it and have loved it.  Sadly, the same can’t be done with a new partner. You can’t check out his review before you try him the first time. Hey there’s an idea!

If I see that a reviewer liked the womanizer and she rated it 5 star then I’m going to feel more confident in my purchase. If the reviewer gives it a bad review then, next please!

Most of the time, the reviews are right but be careful of dodgy reviews. You can usually tell if there are extreme ratings where some of extreme 5’s and others are extreme 1’s and the 1’s are passionately written and you know they were unhappy with the product.

Ahhh passion – back to the sex toys themselves.

Great sex toys are not cheap, so you need to shop around for price but also quality, durability and effectiveness (nudge nudge wink wink). There are hundreds of vibrators, and hundreds of dildos, handcuffs, lubes etcetera etcetera, so how do you know what to buy?

You can’t ask your friend ‘Jenny which dildo do you have and how would you rate it, orgasmic or just average?’, Jenny would be mortified, I’m sure.  You may not feel comfortable going into an adult sex shop because it might be a guy behind the counter – awkward. Let’s face it, it’s more convenient to purchase the sex toy online so how do you know if its any good.

You check out the reviews honey. That’s what I do.

Best Couples Sex Toy 2021 | Detailed Reviews

Here are the best couples adult toys for the year of 2021.


lelo tor 2 top couples sex toys 2021

Lelo Tor 2

A vibrating ring with a superior motor dependent on only two buttons. The vibration spectrum of Lelo Tor 2 is not overly broad, with six levels of intensity…..

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OhMiBod Lovelife Rev Finger Vibe - couples sex toys 2021

OhMiBod Lovelife Rev Finger Vibe

Innovative finger vibe is designed with pleasure in mind and delivers. The slim design is perfect for slipping on any finger, and the flexible shape contours the curves of your body for maximum comfort….

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we vibe couples sex toys 2021

We-Vibe Chorus

Part of we-vibes couples sex toy range with The famous clamp-shaped vibrator is designed to allow penetration into the vagina while wearing it….

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TENGA Easy Beat Eggs couples sex toys 2021

TENGA Easy Beat Eggs

Easy-beat eGGs are revolutionary or extreme disposable masturbator grip strokers for men that combines quality craftsmanship with the newest engineering advancements

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Hot Octopuss KURVE couples sex toys 2021

Hot Octopuss KURVE

This revolutionary product is designed to stimulate both partners and has become one of the market’s most popular couples’ sex toys….

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Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R couples sex toys 2021

Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R

A wand vibrator is a limited edition sex toy that is rechargeable, compact in design, durable, extremely powerful and easy to clean.

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Womanizer Duo couples sex toys 2021

Womanizer Duo

A revolutionary new sex toy that provides unparalleled pleasure. It combines the powerful stimulation of a vibrator with the suction sensation of a clitoral stimulator for maximum pleasure.

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couples sex toys 2021

Satisfyer Dual Love

Promises to bring couples closer together and enhance their intimate moments. With its dual design and innovative technologies, the Satisfyer Dual Love will elevate your bedroom experiences.

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couples sex toys 2021

Lora DiCarlo Filare

A pleasure device that features a completely customizable experience thanks to its 3 different modes and two rotating stimulation points that promote pleasure at all moments once it is used, giving complete control of pleasure to the lucky individual who gets to try this device.

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LELO SONA 2 Cruise couples sex toys 2021

LELO SONA 2 Cruise

Will make you sure of getting better, longer, and more intense orgasms with this sonic clit vibrator. The vibrator is unique and sets itself higher than conventional vibrators.

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