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Kiiroo Keon Top 10 Sex Toy 2023

Are you looking for a next-gen interactive sex toy? If your answer is – Yes, then you would love this review.   Kiiroo Keon is a new interactive male and couples sex toy developed by Kiiroo. Now, Keon is a highly advanced masturbator and it can help you to masturbate automatically.   So, you don’t need to find manual fleshlights. This Kiiroo Keon interactive male masturbator would exceed your expectations and you would enter a completely new dimension of pleasure.

To know this smart male masturbator, you should read the below review. Kiiroo Keon is packed with amazing features. Hence, read the review and know – Why Keon is a fabulous automatic masturbator?

Kiiroo Keon Review

1) Masturbate Without Hands (230 strokes/minute)

Keon can deliver automatic strokes. You can use a stroker with it and Keon would start masturbating. The best part is that it can deliver up to 230 strokes/minute. Naturally, these short and repeated strokes would act like your hand. Hence, with Keon, you can enjoy automatic, powerful, and hands-free masturbation.

2) Experience AI and Feel Realistic Sexual Pleasure

What makes Keon an advanced male sex toy is its ability to connect with interactive content. Kiiroo and its FeelMe AI have brought revolutionary changes in the world of sex toys. Now, you can enjoy that technology through Keon.  Interactive webcams, 2D or 3d content, interactive adult content, and more types of content can be experienced through this sex toy.   The AI-controlled strokes generated by this toy may feel real. You can also adjust the strokes manually. However, if you are thirsty for a satisfying blow job, then this toy can surely quench your thirst.

3) Powerful Battery

Without a good battery, you may have to charge it again and again. That’s why this male sex toy has a 700mAh battery and its charging time is 4 hours. You can enjoy this masturbator for 30 minutes (maximum 2 hours). Therefore, you can use it whenever you want.

4) Ability To Sync With Other Sex Toys

Kiiroo has several sex toys in the market. Now, you can find a partner and you can sync your Keon with other

Kiiroo-made sex toys. In this way, you would enjoy your sexual experiences with your partner remotely. You can also control this sex gadget through the Kiiroo app – FeelConnect.

5) Ergonomic Shape

Keon has been designed with an ergonomic body shape. As a result, you can hold it comfortably. Moreover, it weighs around 1 kg. Hence, you can feel its heavy and powerful strokes (feels like pounding).

6) Stylish and Futuristic Design

This Keon automatic masturbator looks fabulous. Its glossy finish and thin blue lights make this masturbator simply brilliant. Nobody would believe that it’s a sex toy. So, you don’t have to hide it. Isn’t that a great feature?  The above features make – Kiiroo Keon -an outstanding sex toy. Its powerful strokes and AI-enabled interactive content features can hardly be overlooked.

You may have experienced self-pleasure manually. But once you try Keon automatic AI sex toy, you would fall in love with it. It would open a world of sexual pleasure beyond your imagination. So, you should not ignore this sex toy. It truly is one of the great sex toys for couples in 2023.

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