TENGA Easy Beat Eggs

TENGA Easy Beat Eggs

What will give you pleasure to satisfy your physical urges is something unavoidable? TENGA Easy Beat Eggs will especially when you reach the teenage years and adulthood stage. Sexual urges are part of being a teenager and even an adult. Some will use adult sex toys to satisfy this kind of feeling. But of course, proper use and imitatively is important.

Read this short article which is a product review of an adult sex toy called TENGA EASY BEAT EGGS. We also review top 10 sex toys for couples in 2023 as well.

WHAT ARE TENGA Easy Beat Eggs?

TENGA’s easy-beat eGGs are revolutionary or extreme disposable masturbators and strokers for men.  They combine quality craftsmanship with the newest engineering advancements in providing phenomenal sensation. These masturbator strokers for men are designed to have super-stretchable substances that can fit any user having different private-part sizes. They are best designed to deliver an array of sensations up to the climax point of releasing orgasm.

Every egg-stroking masturbator for men features unique and extraordinary internal details.

Masturbator eggs are completely unwrapped. Just simply add the enclosed lube pouch for you to indulge in knee-trembling feelings using this super-tactile masturbator. This is the best toy to bring if you are traveling. You can easily pop it in your pocket to fully enjoy the maximum sensation and ready-to-go-right-now urge of orgasm.


  • You need to remove the film, then open the egg adult toy.
  • Remove and apply lubricant and insert it into your penis to fully enjoy.
  • This super stretchable though small adult toy can drastically enlarge for snugging fit regardless of your size.
  • After using, put it into warm water to sterilize.
  • Clean it with water and soap if you are planning to reuse it.


  • Includes easy best eggs include six male masturbators with a distinct internal structure to fully enjoy a new hot experience at night. These 6 eggs masturbators are clicker, wavy, twister, spider, silky, and stepper.
  • Super-Stretch Sensation feature. This sex toy is portable and discrete as you can easily put this in your hand-carry bag.  One-size-fits-all masturbator for men is designed with an elastomer that can be easily stretched. And expands immediately for a snug fit experience regardless of your penis size.
  • Disposable and its design can be easily used. Just crack and open the shell-like casing, pour in the lotion attached inside, and you are good to use.  Simply put this male stroker back of the shell and dispose of it properly if you will not reuse it.
  • Unique Interiors.  External designs of each egg indicate its details within them. Having various or different designs including different feelings and inner sensations. You will surely find a perfect match if possible.
  • These are Japan-made products. Engineered, manufactured, designed, and perfectly built in Japan.
  • Easy to carry case and discreet, it has an elastomer that is super-stretchable and expands easily for a tight fit regardless of men’s private sizes.
  •  Advanced one-size-fits-all, easy-to-use disposable male masturbator.
  • Six varieties of which each of those have different internal structures that are distinct for a variety of great and unforgettable experiences.
  • This variety pack includes clicker, wavy, twister, spider, steeper and silky, for a new experience each night if you desire to use it.
  • Included in every egg is water-based lubricant lotion.
TENGA Easy Beat Eggs
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