Rabbit Company Love Ring Review

If you want your woman to moan and shake from pleasure during the sexual act you need the Rabbit Company Love Ring.

A cock ring that enhances your staying power and teases her external erogenous zones to an orgasmic satisfaction.  Rabbit Company Love Ring satisfies greatly all these needs making up for a perfect deliverer of shared pleasure.

This cock ring has a pair of rabbit ears that are flexible and tapered.

They provide focused and accentuated vibration against the clitoris. That will help stimulate it and increase the enjoyment that your woman receives during sex.  This ring adjusts to the size of your penis. Is flexible enough not to hurt you. Give you a boost of stamina and a prolonged erection. No matter what kind of sex do you prefer, the 3 vibration speeds and 4 patterns delivered by the device will satisfy all your sexual desires.

Rabbit Company Love Ring
Love Ring


Basic elements are the ring and the clitoris ears

Plays the role of a male enhancer along with a stimulator of woman’s external intimate contours. Made to provide absolute safety and comfort to the man while wearing it. It is made of flexible and smoothly textured silicone that adjusts to the size of your shaft.  Stretches accordingly as your male organ grows in size.  Velvety texture ensures that your sensitive skin does not get hurt, which can reduce the arousal and disrupt the sexual act.

Wearing the cock ring is a breeze

You don’t have to waste time at all, allowing you to jump into action immediately.

Surface of the ring is non-slip.

Preventing any slipping that forces you put the ring back continually stealing from the sexual desire of both you and your partner. Provides a strong support to your penis, increasing its staying power.  Allowing for longer and more intense erections.

When it comes to the cock ring ears

They are flexible, elongated. And have a tapered tip which together make up for an intense stimulation of your woman’s body. Results in a godly satisfaction that she feels along with the penetrative thrusts of your shaft.  Elongated shape of the ears allows them to stimulate the clitoris more aggressively. Hitting the hard-to-reach sensitive points and generating more pleasure for your woman.

Tapered tip

Helps the ears make their way deeper and stimulate the erogenous zones so intensively that the partner starts moaning and demanding more. Rabbit ears are also made of velvety textured silicone. Provides a gentle and sensual touch against the external intimate zones of your woman. Rewarding her with a fulfilling enjoyment added by an enhanced performance of your male tool. And the rumbling vibrations of the built-in motor.

Rabbit Company Love Ring
Cock Ring

Motor is powerful enough

To trigger irresistible and highly pleasant pulsations against the clit area. You can set the motor operate in different modes. Making it work according to the body needs of your partner.

There are 3 vibration speeds and 4 patterns

They include alternating vibration waves of varying intensity. If your lady prefers gentle tingling against her sensitive spots, you turn on the lower intensity mode. While if she is a dedicated adventure-seeker and craves for a hardcore stimulation of her clitoris, switch to the rumbling-vibration mode.

Rabbit Love Ring is super lightweight

Doesn’t need much space to fit in your bag. You can take it on the go and receive a shared pleasure in any setting and at any time. Another advantage of this vibrator is that it is waterproof. Water  has absolutely no access to the motor. So you can enjoy an underwater thrill with your partner, without being concerned that the motor would get broken.

Device has a USB port for an effortless recharge from any standard outlet.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, Rabbit Company Love Ring is a small but powerful clitoris stimulator. It helps men make their women feel more pleasure.  And enhance the performance of their shaft by achieving more staying power.  Delivering longer-lasting erections.  Clitoral ears are elongated and smooth to allow for a deep orgasmic stimulation. That becomes even more powerful with the rumbling motor that provides pleasurable teasing vibrations.

This cock ring is adjustable and smooth, helping you avoid getting hurt and perform at your peak.

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Rabbit Company Love Ring