Satisfyer Mens Wand Review

This one is a super-effective male stimulator called the Satisfyer Mens Wand. But is also good at triggering intense women orgasms.

Designed initially as a vibrator for your manhood, Satisfyers Mens Wand turns out to be a perfect toy for your female partner too.  And be used in a couple play providing equal pleasure to both.  Device has a smooth ABS silicone surface that delivers a tender touch.  An easy going slide up and down combined with a water-based lubricant.  Satisfyer has a powerful motor that feeds the clitoris and the penis with deliciously rumbly vibrations.

In addition, you get a USB charger and an ergonomic design that allows you to handle the device as a master.

Satisfyer Mens Wand
Mens Wand


* Usability

As a male stimulator, the foremost feature to be spoken about is its usability.  Device is nothing else than a long shaft with a curved pit that imitates the shape of a real manhood. With two flexible rounded ears at one end where your penis starts its trip along the vibrating field.  Ears are smartly designed not to squeeze and hurt your manhood, being able to stretch as it grows in size. Device is coated with velvety and health-harmless silicone. Provides a pleasurable touch along with a slide-enhancing lubricant.  Surface has slight bumps that are made to increase the friction. Ultimately results in greater stimulation and more pleasure.

* Thunderous Vibrations

Satisfyer Wand has a rumbly motor that delivers thundering vibrations against your penis, making it incredibly aroused. Enhancing its staying power and stamina. Leading to a prolonged erection and long-lasting orgasmic satisfaction.

* Adjustable Vibrations

Motor does not generate constant speed vibrations. They can be adjusted according to your needs. You can choose among 10 patterns and 5 intensities ensuring that you always get what your body demands. That is to say, if you want to feel some teasing impulses against your manhood, you would be better off starting with the low-intensity modes. As your sexual arousal grows, you have to cycle up the modes until you get the targeted sensation.  Searching for a hardcore stimulation that provides aggressive pulsations against the surface of your penis? For an ultimate orgasmic pleasure, you have to switch on the top level of intensity.

Satisfyer Mens wand
Vibrating Men Wand

Vibrator can also be used as a couple toy

You can agree upon the aforementioned motor speeds with your woman, to endow her with the same enjoyment.  It can be used with a wide variety of sex positions. Being super versatile and fitting greatly between the two bodies, without providing discomfort.  Side designed to fit your manhood is used by you. While your wife or girlfriend uses the reverse side to stimulate her clitoris. You can play with the wand alone or with your partner wherever and whenever.

Taking it on the go

Trying it while travelling or in other settings. Without fearing that someone can hear you, since the motors are whisper quite tolerating hardly any noise.

You can even organize a thrilling underwater play

Given the fact that the vibrator is completely waterproof, excluding any risk of water leaks putting the engine out of order. You can also wash the device for a bacteria-free use and treat it with water-based lubricants for an easy slide.  Controls are a breeze, consisting of two buttons, which are flat and need to be first located, which takes hardly any effort.  USB cable allows you to recharge fast the vibrator from any home outlet or your computer.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Satisfyer Mens Wand provides godly sexual relief for men by stimulating their manhood. Aided by a friction-enhancing bumpy surface coated with smooth silicone for ensuring a pleasant touch.  Rumbly vibrations delivered by the high-performance motor boost the satisfaction making up for a prolonged erection and a boosted staying power.  Thundering vibrations can be also used for clitoris stimulation during a couple play, and by women separately. User can choose between a wide range of pleasure options. With just two buttons you scroll through 10 vibration modes for coming up with the most suited one for your body.  Device is waterproof and can be washed for a safe use.

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