Couples Sex Toys

Cosmo – Affordable Luxury

Cosmo Affordable Luxury Sex Toys When you think of Cosmopolitan – Cosmo – you think of the iconic womens leisure magazine. This brand has stood the test of time and is a household name! But, did you know they have… Read More

We-Vibe App

We-Vibe Sync & We-Vibe Pivot Kept My Long Distance Relationship Alive!

My Long Distance Relationship At the start of 2018, I was presented with a very important opportunity to go over to London for 6 months for work which meant My Long Distance relationship. Now, automatically my mind ran with excitement,… Read More

Keep Clam And Carry On using Safe Sex Toys

Sex Toy Safety

A Guide To Sex Toy Safety Using Sex Toys Safely: The importance of Sex Toy Safety in a relationship cannot be overestimated. There is something in sex toys that always make spiral waves of sexual desire to uncoil in any… Read More

Spice Up Sex Life

Introducing Couples Sex Toys to Your Relationship

Introducing Couples Sex Toys You may have a thought of introducing Couples Sex Toys to your relationship with a goal to improve it. Sometimes it is followed by the fear of possible consequences. You start wondering what your spouse would… Read More

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