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When you think of Cosmopolitan – Cosmo – you think of the iconic womens leisure magazine. This brand
has stood the test of time and is a household name! But, did you know they have launched their
very own toy range? The Cosmo toys feature unbeatable luxury, are extremely innovative and
very impressive from the first hold. They have created a large variety of toy styles such as
rabbits, bullets, g spot wands and hand held wands.

Each toy features its own individual  vibration patterns and hidden talents. All Cosmo toys come with a free 5 year warranty, so you never need to feel sad if your beloved toy breaks, just replace it!


Cosmo’s Bewitched rabbit vibe features a variety of strong vibration settings coming from two
different motors to make sure the power is shared equally throughout the toy for intense
pleasure throughout it’s 10 different functions. The Bewitched is made from super soft medical
grade silicone, has a total length of 7.5” and 1.25” width so it’s not at all intimidating in size. The
most stand out thing about the Bewitched is it’s warming function, not many toys come with built
in temperature play capabilities. The warming function in the Bewitched is absolutely magical, it
adds a new dynamic to your regular bunny toys and gives the user a whole new feeling to their
regular orgasm.


Everyone loves a nice little flirt, but this isn’t your average flirt. The Cosmopolitan Flirt imitates a
soft bunnies ears, and has two powerful motors in each ear. It’s soft silicone is so inviting,
paired with a water based lube it just glides over your clitoral area. It has 10 powerful vibration
settings and is guaranteed to send you over the edge. This is the perfect toy for a first timer or
mature aged lady.

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The Cosmo Luminous rabbit vibe is like no other. It has become an absolute favourite toy of
mine, and hopefully yours too! It has such an impressive shaft, not only because of its size but
it’s built in twisting and spinning beads. The beads featured in the Cosmo Luminous are
showcased by spinning clockwise around the whole shaft helping to massage on the g spot, and
can be changed to various different speeds to suit your intensity. The Luminous can house 10
different functions in each motor, and has a total length of 9.5”. This toy is sure to impress any
newbie or well experienced toy owner.

G Spot Romance

Cosmo’s G Spot Romance… what a toy! This G Spot wand is strong, versatile and a necessary
addition to your existing collection. The toy itself is stiff in shape, which is such a bonus if you
love to really push into your G Spot. The G Spot Romance is versatile in a sense that you could
also use this toy anally if you wanted to, it’s wide handle at the base of the toy makes it an easy
to use, anal safe toy.

I’m obsessed with the Cosmopolitan toys, and I’m willing to bet you will be too once you try
them. They’re absolute luxury, 5 year warranty guarded and all made from premium medical
grade silicone. Head to any Adult Lifestyle Store in Sydney and see for yourself! You won’t be

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