menstruation cup

The Fun Cup!

With a growing society focused on sustainability and sexual health it is no surprise that leading company Fun Factory brought the Fun Cup to the Menstrual Cup Front Lines.  Menstrual cups have been around since 1990. But have only recently… Read More

sex toy safety

Safe Sex Toy Materials – Marble or Vinyl?

Marble or Vinyl? When you’re building a house you take every detail into consideration like Marble or Vinyl materials don’t you. You think of what you want your kitchen to look like, you think about the bathrooms and the flooring.… Read More

Fun Factory Share Vibrator

Fun Factory Share Vibrator

Fun Factory Share Vibrator – 5 Speed Double Ender Best Sex Toys 2016 Top 10 – Fun Factory Share Vibrator. Fun Factory Share has never disappointed when it comes to designing silicone dildos for men and women. Their latest Share… Read More

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Fun Factory Stronic Drei – German Engineering

Fun Factory Stronic Drei – Pulsating Sex Toy Couples Sex Toy From Fun Factory The Stronic Sex Toy Innovation. Pleasurable sex is every couple’s need and demand in this world. Stronic Drei has been developed to provide the satisfaction that… Read More

tiger g5

Fun Factory Tiger G5 – A Beast To Be Tamed

Fun Factory Tiger G5 – Couples Sex Toy Fun Factory Tiger G5 is one of the best sex toys or vibrators for couples made by Fun Factory Sex Toys. It is the perfect companion. As the name suggests, this toy… Read More