Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Fun Factory Stronic Drei – Pulsating Sex Toy

Couples Sex Toy From Fun Factory The Stronic Sex Toy Innovation. Pleasurable sex is every couple’s need and demand in this world. Stronic Drei has been developed to provide the satisfaction that is highly demanded by everybody.. There are so many ways of deriving pleasure during sex for a complete and satisfying arousal.

Many people prefer sexily dressing while others go for intensive foreplay to completely arouse the partner for comprehensive sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.

Stronic Drei
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Sex Toys for Pleasure in between the Sheets

Use of sex toys to gain sexual pleasure is slowly becoming a bedroom necessity due to its performance and effectiveness in enjoying the sexual act. There are a variety of sex toys for both men and women. With different uses and functions. Most common one being the Fun Factory Stronic Drei which is currently the coolest and most functional sex toy available. Couples can use it to improve their sex drive. Stronic drei is a bedroom necessity of the 21st Century and every couple should have it if they need to improve their sex lives.

Stronic Drei is a sex toy with a tapered tip

Exactly resembles the male penis and this shape allows it to easily penetrate the female organ or anus without any difficulty. This unisex sex toy is made using highly innovative technology that enhances inward and backward thrusting just like the real sex. It uses magnetic force to make slow and soft thrust motions. Which allows it distribute its weight to form a powerful naturalistic pulse to produce the backward and forward thrusts.

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This sex toy comes with a specially designed flared base

Fundamental in stimulating the clitoris or the anus. The G-spot being the most sensitive part in a woman, gives this sex toy a plus for how it stimulates it powered by its slightly curved shape. While the thicker part of the toy enchants the clitoris.

Men are not left behind

Stronic drei has a hold that pleasures the anus allowing men to derive the pleasure too.

The Stronic Drei is very easy to use

  • Control by use of the fun button which allows one to press it when in action and simply press it to stop the thrust.
  • It also allows one to control the speed of the thrust by use of the fun button.
  • Fully rechargeable powered by Fun Factory charge system.
  • It is completely waterproof allowing it to be used anywhere be it in the swimming pool or in a rainy day.
  • Suitable travel sex toy which is enhanced by its key lock option which eases transport during travel.
  • This German-made sex toy is free from any medical obligations and is medically safe and free from any anal or vaginal accident or rupture.
  • Fun Factory has many sex toys like the Fun Factory Limba Flex.

With its massive and undoubted advantages, the stronic drei cannot replace a lover. But its excellent modifiable stimulation levels bring you to a stunning climax and therefore not something to be missed.  Its backward and forward thrust is quite arousing for both men and women.

Stronic drei is a powerful sex toy recommended for couples to spice up their sex life.

fun factory stronic drei
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