lelo tor 2 top sex toy 2021

Lelo Tor 2 – Top 10 Sex Toy 2021

Lelo Tor 2 is a very special cock ring for several reasons, but in principle we will highlight only two.  Functionality of the device as a source of pleasure for the couple, and its practicality. As it is discreet, it can accompany you on pleasure or business trips.  Or turn a business trip into a pleasure trip, whatever you prefer. Read on for our reasons why Lelo Tor 2 makes the top 10 couples sex toys 2021.

What is Lelo Tor 2?

It is a vibrating ring with a superior motor dependent on only two buttons.  Vibration spectrum of Lelo Tor 2 is not overly broad, with six levels of intensity. But it is powerful enough to delay the sexual discharge without detracting from the intensity or lowering the pleasure in between.  It is a more functional update of the original TOR couples ring, famous all over the world.  We’re talking about a sex toy that can go anywhere with you.

When used as a couples sex toy, its purpose is to unleash pleasure throughout the area where man and woman work.  Combined stimulation can become irresistible, but it is long-lasting. Constriction of the blood vessels at the beginning of the penis helps the male partner to go for longer. When Lelo Tor 2 is lightly pushed against the clitoris, the female also enjoys.

Some advantages of Lelo Tor 2

Lelo Tor 2 develops new avenues for competent satisfaction. Because it is flexible, it adapts smoothly to a woman’s intimate areas.  And, of course, vibrates comfortably around most penises.

This couples sex toy is easy to clean and operate (use a safe cleaner for silicone material). Once in place, it stays in place usually, with no major difficulties. Controlling it is also quite simple and convenient.  This cock ring is made of 100% by 100% silicone and is water resistant. Battery life of the toy is an hour and a half or a little more. In addition, recharging it does not consume too much time.


  • Extends the duration of sexual intercourse as a couple.
  • Good for beginners.
  • It is quiet, small and therefore discreet.
  • Waterproof.
  • No lubricant required.


  • Price is perhaps a little high.
  • Perhaps it falls short for extra sizes.

Final Thoughts

Who would be the ideal users of the Lelo Tor 2?  Range is unpredictable. This toy is ideal for couples on business trips or sightseeing. Overall, we are talking about a ring vibrator adaptable to all kinds of sex. Including, of course, solo play with yourself.  Lelo Tor 2 should not be treated as just another vibrator. Its precision technology can be summed up in the word “functionality”. And its generous spirit stimulates enjoyment in both men and women. It’s vibrations recreate a cycle of increasing stimulation. References to the power of the toy’s ultimate level of vibrations. And the ascending orgasm it provokes, are not hard to find on the Internet.

Some people may find it too expensive. Its price fluctuates around $120 to $140. But on the whole, it may be worth the outlay.

Lelo Tor 2 helps couples last longer during sex and is functional and discreet. An elegant addition to the ever-expanding realm of technological pleasure.

Lelo Tor 2
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