The Couples Rabbit by Rabbit Company – A Review

I have decided to review this product review of the Couples Rabbit by Rabbit Company because everyone should own at least one of these.

Are you looking to see how to spice up your sex life, or need a stand-in while the man is away on business? Or just too busy to show you the attention you need?  No worries my friends I have found the perfect toy! Made with 100% soft, body-safe silicone and hypoallergenic… The Couples Rabbit. You can use it with or without him.

Best thing about this Rabbit

It allows high-powered clitoral and g-spot stimulation for her while still allowing your partner penetration at the same time. This vibrator is designed to make you both reach the highest level of orgasms together. Trust me, I am not lying when I tell you this.  I would not be writing this review for you if I didn’t like everything about this product.

by rabbit company
The Couples Rabbit

Why I Love the Couples Rabbit Vibrator

I love The Couples Rabbit Vibrator because of it’s sleek design, the numerous settings, the penetration for me and my husband.  And the best thing it is rechargeable by USB, which means no more searching for batteries! Guess what, no need to worry about being loud because this rabbit is as quiet as a mouse.

Sleekness allows your partner’s penis to slide right in with the best comfort for his enjoyment as well.  Section that is inserted inside the female will rest comfortably while providing stimulation to both partners at the same time.  External part of the rabbit hugged my clitoris perfectly while sending powerful vibrations to my clitoris and my other pleasing g-spots.  No worries men, while she is getting her stimulation you will too. Vibrations are so strong they will travel along your shaft and testicles, taking your orgasm to off the chart heights.

My husband loved it!

Honestly, we have more sex now with The Couples Rabbit vibrator then we did before we owned one. With many different settings to choose from, you will for sure find the perfect one for you.

What is better, it comes with a remote!

This allows for no interruptions during your intimate time. Just keep that remote close by and you can change your settings at any point during sex without stopping.  I mean seriously who wants to stop sex to adjust a setting on a vibrator. Not me for sure!  That remote works up to 30 feet away. So while you are getting ready, get her ready with the push of a button.

This toy has a fat 1.4-inch wide oval end that tucks up against her g-spot. Insertable portion is 2.5 inches with some texturing for more sensation with the motion that occurs during intercourse.

by rabbit company
the rabbit company vibrator

Nothing Like It Out There

I can honestly say I have not come across anything like this rabbit, they always cater to the female.  But this one, The Couples Rabbit Vibrator, ensure the both of you can enjoy that pink bunny.

What happens if it stops working?

Do not worry, this exciting couples vibrator is backed by the Rabbit Company itself for 5 years.  Yes a five-year warranty…what? I know right?

Do recommend fully charging it as soon as you receive yours so it is ready to go when you are. Don’t worry about receiving a knock off brand, this vibrator is an official product of We-Vibe. They teamed up with the Rabbit Company to create this genius made vibrator.  It’s easy to clean, simply wash with warm water and soap, or a vibrator cleaner of your preference.

Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite lubricants, because this vibrator can be used with or without them. I encourage each one of you to try it. You have nothing to lose, except your innocence…lol.

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The Couples Rabbit
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