The Unicorn Sex Machine

The Unicorn Sex Machine

Your sex life should never be boring and boredom will be a word you will never use with The Unicorn Sex Machine. That’s why you should never stop exploring the world of sex toys. Modern sex toys have multiple functions. So, you can enjoy them solo or with your partner.  Unicorn Sex Machine – is a wonderful sex toy and you would feel unparalleled sexual pleasure after riding on it. This machine is a powerful one and you can enjoy multiple patterns on this sex machine.  It doesn’t need any battery (8 feet power cord).  Has a universal adapter and it can withstand 400 lbs of weight.

Experience a sex adventure that will make you crave more.

Read the below review to know everything about this updated Cowgirl Unicorn Sex Machine.

Top Features of The Unicorn Sex Machine

1) Powerful Vibration and Swivel Rotation

When you ride this machine, you feel 1200 rpm of vibration. Naturally, these powerful vibrations won’t fail to satisfy you. Also the machine has 3600 swivel rotation. Therefore, the vibrations will stimulate your sexual organs profoundly.

2) A Comfortable Mat and An Anti-Slip Silicon Base

To enjoy the intense vibrations of this sex machine, you need a fixed position. So, Cowgirl has designed this machine with a premium quality silicone base. They have used vegan leather to manufacture the base. Hence, the quality of this base is undoubtedly marvelous.

The machine also comes with a slip-resistant mat. The mat is really comfortable and it can absorb vibrations. As a result. the vibrations reach every corner of your organs. The mat (Ethereal Clouds) is liquid repellent and it’s easy to clean. So, enjoy your sex ride.

3) Multiple Vibration Patterns

The vibrations (6 patterns) generated by this machine will never bore you. You can try slow or high vibration patterns. Thus, the machine can stimulate your G-spot and P-spot.

4) Penetrative and Non-Penetrative Attachments

This sex machine comes with two attachments. The attachments are made of high-quality material (body-safe). So, these attachments won’t cause skin problems.

You can use the penetrative attachment to feel real sexual pleasure. But, if you are not in the mood, you can just rub your sensitive spot with the non-penetrative attachment. So, this machine is great for males and females.

5) Easy To Control

Enjoying all the patterns on this machine could become really difficult. That’s why you will get a nice LED remote with this machine. The remote would enable you to control the machine easily. The remote has two ‘vibrate’ and ‘rotate’ switches. Moreover, you can also try different patterns with the help of this remote.

Apart from the remote, you can control this machine through The Cowgirl App. Once you connect this machine to the app, you would be able to control it remotely.

6) Detachable Rainbow Flogger

A rainbow flogger enhances the look of this machine. But you can detach it and you can use it to punish (playfully) your partner. It’s made of vegan leather and it’s almost 20 inches. So, hit your partner, make him/her your sex slave, and ride this machine.  The build quality of this Unicorn Sex Machine is truly impressive. The machine weighs around 11 kg and it has a strong handle. Therefore, you can move this machine easily.

Final Thoughts

This sex machine is stable, powerful, and it’s easy to operate and that is why it has made our list of top sex toys for couples in 2023. You don’t need to assemble it as it comes preassembled.  It’s a sturdy sex machine built for couples and self-enjoyment. So, bring it home and make your sex life colorful.

The Unicorn Sex Machine
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