Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer Liberty

What You Should Know about the Womanizer Liberty.  Liberty gives you freedom. Hence its name. It is the traveling sex toy that Womanizer puts at your disposal to set you free. With Womanizer Liberty you’ll never have to worry about revealing sounds and prying eyes. It’s almost invisible. Almost mute.  This forever friend, until you tear it apart while remaining her friend, uses Pleasure Air Technology. Read about more sex toys for couples in 2023

Womanizer – the first to stimulate the clitoris with warm air waves.

This often leads to more persistent orgasms. Remember that Womanizer is responsible for the world’s first commercially available clitoral suction device. Womanizer Liberty does not look like an indulgent sex toy but neither does it try to look like what it is not. It looks more like an enigma. A silky suggestion impossible to interpret. Perhaps an oyster in its shell. And it is silent. Simply put, the silence is yours to make.

How does Womanizer Liberty work?

Womanizer Liberty, the ultimate travel suction device, is specially designed to go unnoticed.

This sexual device simulates suction on the clitoris with six speeds. It arrives specialized, with a magnetic cap that protects the toy against shocks and unforeseen events that could activate it during transportation.

Liberty adapts smoothly to the female hand.

No more gripping force is required initially, nor will it leave your arm shaking at the end. And since each clitoris is a world of its own, the package includes a second, but more voluminous, suction head.  Here everything is provided and provided for.  Womanizer Liberty is made of ABS and medical silicone. A silicone particularly present in the suction head, soft to the touch in its ergonomic design.  Avant-garde stimulation head.  Two available buttons are on the inside.

Recipients should try to use the toy by applying a water-based lubricant. This will prevent damage over time.

Easy Controls

  • By pressing the + button briefly, the toy awakens to life.
  • And it increases in intensity if pressed continuously.
  • To decrease the vibrations, press the – button.
  • For turning Liberty off, simply press the + button for a few seconds.

Functions of the Liberty

The facilities offered by this subtle pleasure tool are neither few nor negligible.

  • Perfect cover for discreet carrying.
  • Magnetic connection USB cable that you can charge with your smartphone or laptop.
  • Charging capacity to provide a good time of partying.
  • Quality silicone that brings looseness to the genitals.
  • Case for hygienic storage.
  • Removable head, which facilitates more hygiene.
  • Comfortable lid, sufficiently adjustable so that the device does not accidentally open.

What’s in My Box?

Box you will receive in the mail contains the Womanizer Liberty. And an additional stimulation head, a USB charging cable with magnetic pin, storage pouch and instruction booklet. This sex toy is available in delightful shades of pink, pale blue, lilac and wine.

If there is one thing that characterizes Liberty, it is its discreet elegance.  It is also an affordable instrument. Price is around $100 depending on where you buy it. If you appreciate its considerable functionality, is quite cost-effective.

Pros of the Liberty

  • Comes with a second replacement stimulator head.
  • Silicone head feels nice and silky.
  • Barely audible when working on the clitoris.
  • Easy to charge and use.
  • Cap protects the device from accidental shocks or accidental power-ups.
  • It is submersible.

Cons of The Womanizer Liberty

  • Its six suction speeds are not particularly powerful.
  • Holding it between the thighs, without using the hands, will not be possible in all cases.
womanizer liberty
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