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OhNut Wearable Ring – Cock Ring

You may have experienced pain or uncomfortableness during sex and the OhNut Wearable Ring may be the solution. Vaginal dryness, medications, childbirth, pelvic diseases, skin diseases, or more reasons could be there. Medical term of this problem is – Dyspareunia.

You may not have shared your condition with your sexual partner and you just try to avoid sex. Because too much penetration causes pelvic pain.

With Ohnut Wearable Ring, you can say goodbye to your bad days.

These rings are for the penis and the rings can create a limit to penetration.  Now, you can set how much cock should be inside you! As a result, you can enjoy safe and comfortable sex. Your male partner would understand your condition. You don’t have to avoid casual sexual intercourse. It would help for you to understand all the features of this cock ring.

OhNut Wearable Ring – Top Features

1) FDA Approved Material

When a male wears these rings, the first thing that strikes his head is – is it safe to wear? Answer is – Yes. These rings are made of FDA-approved materials and they are completely safe to wear. There is no BPA and no latex. It’s made of polymer (body-safe). So, there will be no itching or no redness in your male organ.

2) 4 Rings

A woman prefers these rings as they can customize the depth of penetration. You would get 4 individual rings in this box. This means your male partner can wear one ring or two rings or a full stack of 4 rings. It would be really easy to adjust the depth of (penis) penetration.

3) Soft, Comfortable, and Stretchable

These rings are ultra-soft. If you are thinking that these rings will ruin your sexual pleasure, then you are wrong. Males would not even feel these rings. They are super stretchable and these rings are truly lightweight. These penis rings have only visible existence. Even, you can use H20 lubes with these rings. So, don’t hesitate.

4) Ribbed Design (inside)

OHNUT has designed these rings carefully.  Ribbed design inside these rings helps them to grip a male organ comfortably. So, when you use these rings on a condom, they won’t lose their place. You won’t have to face any embarrassing situations. You can have sex without taking breaks. Because the rings feel like real human skin.

5) Available In Two Sizes

Size of male penises vary. That’s why these rings come in two sizes – Classic and Wider.  Classic is for those who use standard-size condoms. Whereas wider is for large condom users.  A stretched width of classic rings is – 8 inches.  And the stretched width of wider rings is – 12 inches. So, these rings can be used by anybody.

6) Comes With A Travel Pouch

You may want to carry these rings when you are on vacation.  OHNUT rings come with a travel pouch. Just keep them in your bag and enjoy sex with your partner whenever you want.

A must-have for pain-free sex.

Ohnut Wearable Ring is designed to gift a comfortable and pain-free sex life for women. Sometimes it becomes impossible to control a male partner. Once these rings are worn by your male partner, he will surely remember your condition.

Ohnut wearable ring
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