Flexible Rabbit Vibrator NU Sensuelle Brandii

If you are a fan of stimulating the internal and external erogenous zones at the same time, NU Sensuelle Brandii is what you need. This vibrator is fully equipped for an ultimate sexual satisfaction, with two shafts and two powerful motors.

You have a pair of sharp and elongated bunny ears for teasing your clitoris and a larger flexible shaft with a curved shape for reaching out to your internal sweet spots. Device is coated with soft and body-safe silicone that facilitates the entry and provides a sensual feel.  10 vibration modes help you adjust the device’s power to your level of arousal.

Other features that you will find in this vibrator are a USB charger, a convenient non-slip handle and waterproofness.

NU Sensuelle Brandii
Novel Creations Rabbit Vibrator

Features of the Brandii

  • NU Sensuelle Brandii has two motors.

One of them responds for providing rumbling tingling against your clitoris and labia. While the second one stands for the stimulation of your internal sensitive points. Motors are built in the two shafts.

  • Two Shafts for Extra Pleasure

Smaller shaft consists of sharpened and elongated rabbit ears that tease your external intimate zones.  Sharp and tapered tip of the ears allow them to work their way deeper into the clit and stimulate it harder delivering a double pleasure.  Second shaft is larger and slightly curved, which allows it to reach out to your G-spot, and excite more sensitive nerves. It is highly flexible, which enhances the maneuverability. Gives you the freedom of performing different actions for triggering more enjoyment, like bending and inserting under an angle.

  • Vibrator is made of harmless silicone

Does not contain dangerous chemicals, ensuring a safe use.  Silicone has a velvety texture that is pleasant at touch and provides more comfort during penetration. Also, it is scratch-proof, making it impossible to scratch. Which would damage the surface of the shaft and spoil the pleasure. Despite of being flexible, the device is tear-resistant. Prevents you from breaking it while performing passionate thrusts at the peak of your sexual desire.

Nu sensuelle brandii
Rabbit Style Vibrator
  • Rounded & Soft Handle

Another important feature of the vibrator is a rounded and soft handle.  Allows you take a strong grip. Play with your body the way you want making confident maneuvers for achieving maximum enjoyment.  Surface of the handle is anti-slip, which helps you avoid accidents related to sweaty hands that could slip off the shaft during your passionate actions, and disrupt the pleasure. Handle allows for a variety of grips. You can grasp it whether with your whole hand for more accentuated stimulations. Or with your fingertips for a gentle massage.

  • 10 vibration strengths

Give you the chance to make it work according to the desires of your body. That means if you are a gentle tingling lover, the right mode for you would be the lowest-intensity one, which will caress smoothly your sweet spots leading to a fulfilling relaxation.  If you feel though that this is not enough, switch to more active vibrations.  And if you crave for an orgasmic stimulation accompanied by thundering pulsations inside and across your body, the top-speed mode is your perfect choice.

Vibrating power of each shaft is regulated separately, in case your clitoris and internal erogenous zones get differently aroused. In order to cycle through the operation modes, you have to use two buttons which are placed right at your fingertips.

  • Device is waterproof

Allows you to submerse it for an entertaining underwater adventure. Any leaks are prevented by hermetic seals. Washing the device is also possible and necessary in order to avoid dangerous bacteria entering your body. USB charge delivers a hassle-free recharge using a standard outlet in your home or in any other place.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, NU Sensuelle Brandii is a perfect vibrator for a with an elongated slim shaft for a pleasurable insertion. And a pair of bunny ears for an orgasmic massage of your external contours. Device has two motors that deliver thundering vibrations. Along with tender caressing tingling to suit all types of bodies and sexual preferences. It is waterproof and is made of body-safe and smooth silicone that provides a pleasurable touch and an easy-going insertion.

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nu sensuelle brandii
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