Lovense Noral Bluetooth Rabbit

Lovense Noral Bluetooth Rabbit

There’s nothing more pleasurable than using a vibrator to get intense orgasms. Lovense Noral Bluetooth Rabbit certainly helps achieve this. If having a long distance relationship with someone then this sex toy could help with still feeling sexually close. Read on to find out why Lovense Noral Bluetooth Rabbit is in our Top 10 Sex Toys for 2022.

WHAT IS THE Lovense Noral Bluetooth Rabbit ALL ABOUT?

LOVENSE Nora rabbit vibrator is a kind of Bluetooth vibrator having a head shape like a wave shaft that can be rotated.

It is best to rub on the sweet spot or clit. Aside from its rotating head, it has a vibrating arm that is slightly curved, flexible.  Can perfectly hit right on the clitoris for them to feel more intense. It is also wide enough for anyone’s size wherein the vibrations it performed can spread all around their area. Both of its arms are maximized in motors and shapes that will achieve the ultimate tactility without the feeling of overstimulating.



Nora vibrator for women and couples out there is one of the best iconic teledildonic sex toys. It can be used as a device among the different same-sex toy products in the market.  Features real-time interactivity.  Can also sync with Lovense Max 2:Calor which is another Nora item to react to their movements.  This can certainly blow your mind because of its sync capability. It’s a game-changer in virtual sex.


This vibrator features an app control that offers different control options.

  • For a single user or play on your own, this vibrator can be controlled using a smartphone application. By swiping the app using your finger, you can make adjustments to its rotation levels and vibrations.
  • Using it with a partner in long-distance places, by having a live request on the app, this can be controlled by their partner. There are other special features you can explore like music syncing, alarm, and sound control.


You can keep this G-spot rabbit vibrator after using it as the battery life is still keeping this one usable. There’s nothing to worry about like running out during mid-session. As it ensures long battery life like until 4 hours when in continuous use. It also features a USB magnetic charger. Only requires at least 2.5 hours of charging for it to become fully charged so you can use it anytime.


All products from Lovense including this vibrator are guaranteed for one year.

It complies with state standards as they have CE certification and its products are all 100% safe. They also put the privacy and safety of their customers once they deliver your product. It is shipped in discreet delivery.  Well-packaged and the product itself does not contain any harm to your body.

For more questions on its usage, you can directly contact or message them as their customer service is always willing and ready to assist you.

Lovense noral bluetooth rabbit
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