Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R

Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R

The Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R wand vibrator is a limited edition sex toy that is rechargeable, compact in design, durable, and easy to clean. It measures 11 inches long with the head-shaped silicon measuring 1.8 diameters.  An aluminum body that is colored purple which can be very eye-catching for users since not every vibrator in the market today is colored purple.

Since it is more compact in design it can fit into any bag and can be brought for traveling. Attachments can be removed and paired with the other 3R models such as the prostate massager or the rabbit vibrator. This package comes with an aluminum case that is surely durable to withstand the constant throwing. Especially in the airports while keeping the Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R secured and free from damages. Entire duration of the charging can be longer since its needs to be plugged for 4 hours. It can only be used for only 1 hour which can be its only downside in the long run.

Packs a Punch

Despite the shorter duration of use, it packs a lot of vibrating power that can really make the user orgasm and feel that intense pleasure. Since the vibrating power can be adjusted manually with its three adjustable buttons. Plus it lights in the dark giving the user extra pleasurable ambiance.  Entire design might seem small. But it is a little heavy for small hands. It is best to use it in a comfortable position to have a better orgasmic experience and avoid hand fatigue.

It has a powerful motor inside it makes a little noise while being used for pleasure. Promises to have the user orgasm in less than 5 minutes due to the power of the motor. Sensation it can give can be similar to other sex toys that are bulkier.  Doxy X Lovehoney Die Cast 3R really is a revolutionary product that can really help the user during those lonely nights.

Price of the Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R

Upwards of $199 and it comes with the charger, attachments, and the unit itself. Cleaning the unit is fairly simple. Head attachment can be easily removed and wiped clean with any disinfectant and can be ready to be used again good as new.   It will remain sturdy enough. But in case something’s wrong with the vibration the item can be fixed by the manufacturer without any hassle.

Overall the Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R is a great sex toy to be used for self-pleasure in the comfort of your own home. No hassle of those long cable cords that can get in the way of the sensual experience that the sex toy will provide in the long run. Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R makes the top 10 couples sex toys 2021.

Doxy X Love Honey Die Cast 3R
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