we-vibe 4 plus with app

We-Vibe 4 Plus Couples Sex Toy

We-Vibe 4 With App A Sex Toy Designed to Work With Your Mobile. The We-vibe 4 plus is in my opinion the greatest pleasure device for couples to use. There’s nothing better than setting the mood with a toy that’s sure to please in the bedroom or even whilst your lover is away.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

One reason that this couple’s sex toy is so great

Because it can be used to try something new when it comes to sex. Adding variety into your life can be a beautiful thing as you can electronically control this erotic sex vibrator with the touch of a button on your smartphone using their innovative and custom App. A second reason this delightful sex toy works is say your spouse is feeling sexual but you have to go to work. All you would have to do is tease before using this device. Once it’s inside of her then the magic happens all at the touch of a button that you can control.   How good is that?

It’s exciting, vibrant, and lively.

We-vibe 4 plus can change your intimate life for the better. I say this for the simple fact that it comes with a plethora of vibrations and modes to choose from. There is not another toy that’s like this. One of the best things is being wet, lubing the toy and then using it. Couples can enjoy many benefits from this such as an orgasm they could not have reached before without this toy. Traveling distances and still being able to use it as long as there is secured connection. Or just watching your spouse pleasure herself as you watch. You get the idea?

Many forms of creativity can be used here.

It’s also wonderful because it comes in various colors. You can get it for her birthday and not have to worry about a certain color just because they are all very colorful. Another sexy idea for couples is to use this toy in the shower since it is highly water resistant or if you’re feeling very naughty then use it at the beach when you get a moment of alone time. Couples have eve said that this is the number one product they use just for the reason that they can orgasm without taking it out.

we-vibe 4 plus
About the We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-vibe 4 Plus is highly capable of going for hours

Amazing pleasure so you will never be disappointed. Couples do not have to worry if their partner finishes before them because this toy is able to finish the job. Being snugged up against the sensitive clit, various speeds, and flexibility it’s no wonder why couples demand this above other sex toys. There is nothing sexier than having something that could please yourself or your partner, bringing you both closer together.

Discrete Shipping for Online Orders

Couples who enjoy this product know that when ordering online they will have it shipped discreetly to their door. Get it as a Christmas present. No one will ever know what was in the box until the person it was meant for opens it up and gets a pleasant intimate surprise.

This product is a wonderful starter toy for couples who are new to using sex toys.

It provides more intimacy, unpredictable orgasms, and a healthier sex life. She will wake go bed tired but wake up completely refreshed. Also do not fret if your beloved item loses battery power. You do not have to go out and keep replacing it like you would with other toys. Simply, power it with a charger and you’re good to go after an hour or so. Plus, this gives the couple to get ready to have another round from the festivities experienced just before.

This nifty item comes with a lovely casing so you can either put it away or hide it from family or friends.  It’s highly encouraged to explain how amazing this sex toy is and all of the wonders it does. Normal for couples to worry about their safety when it comes to using a product they are not familiar with. They often worry about cleanliness. But they should not worry because this item is made from the most high-quality materials – medical-grade silicone. It’s comfortable, soft, and allows you to enjoy your partner.

For me it’s hands down the best sex toy on earth.

Reviews online about it are off the charts and besides wouldn’t you want to have the best orgasm of your life? And Better still share it with our partner. Read more about amazing We-Vibe Sex toys.  The We-Vibe Bond Ring is in our top 10 couples sex toys for 2023.

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