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JimmyJane Hello Touch – Couples Sex Toy

JimmyJane Hello Touch is a versatile fingertip vibrator that is powered by an electro-stimulation to vibrate two vibrating pods that are attached to the finger.

This specially designed vibrator is adaptable to be used in any sensitive part of the body. Powered by a battery which is worn on the wrist and wires run to the fingers where vibrators are placed. This innovative toy allows pleasure in any part of the body that the fingers can reach. It is a perfect sex toy for partners and couples to completely explore each other’s body and trigger foreplay for complete sex pleasure.

With this state of the art sex toy, couples are guaranteed never-ending pleasure and enjoyment in bed. This sex toy has been scientifically designed to add flavor to foreplay and induce the couple with an appetite for sex.

JimmyJane Hello Touch
Intimate massager

How Does it Work?

Two finger pods that aid vibration are mounted on strong rubber sleeves to enhance their attachment to the fingertips. This will then allow the finger to move freely to any part and corner of the body with ease and trigger the stimulation. A vibrator greatly fits the g-spot stimulation and can bring complete pleasure when rubbed on the clitoris. These ultra-compact vibration pods are optimized for both internal and clitoral stimulation. Bring a complete pleasure that can trigger orgasm within the shortest time possible. Versatile in nature and can stimulate any part of the body where the fingers can reach. They are able to squeeze and stroke, unlike any other vibrators.

Hello Touch vibrators are powered by AAA batteries

  • Run for approximately 6 hours while on vibration.
  • Can last for nearly ten hours on the stim mode.
  • Cordless vibrator is designed to last long hours on vibration than any other vibrators which suits traveling and the outdoor activity.
  • Battery of the hello touch vibrator lasts twice longer than other vibrators which are enhanced by its dual vibrating ears.
  • Vibrator features varied vibration modes which is controlled using power settings to control the speed at which the flutter is vibrating and chose the exact rhythm.
  • Waterproof which gives it the best chance to be used in the bathroom, in the swimming pool or even while in the ocean swimming.
  • It is designed to last long under vibration even when inside water and give you complete pleasure without fear of water damaging the batteries.
  • This vibrator makes it easy to use in any setting as it is medically safe as it is made from a supple platinum silicone which makes it safe to be used in any part of the body.
  • Complete with a three year warranty, the hello touch vibrator is the first in the line to be produced by JimmyJane using the latest and innovative technology to produce a quality product.

A couple’s favorite as it is the best way to aid efficient foreplay by the use of a vibrator.

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