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JimmyJane Form 2 Vibrator 

Why Choose JimmyJane Form 2 as the best couples sex toy? 

Many couples have been in search of a reliable vibrator, for the sake of their sexual satisfaction. Sometimes when you are in a relationship the guy might be exhausted from the day’s work hassles. And even though he might be willing to satisfy your needs, he might want to have some fun with it. That is the reason why many people go for couples sex toys for the sake of new experiences in their sex life.

There are many sex toys in the market. But recently, there has been the rise of the Jimmy Jane brand and the Form 2 vibrator. This little toy is very powerful, and it is reportedly what many couples have been waiting for.

jimmyjane form 2

Features of JimmyJane Form 2

Almost resembles a small bunny, in terms of its shape. It has two protrusions, which also are motors, and they are very powerful.  Has a small size, and it measures only 3.5 inches by 2 inches. The toy is also light enough, so you will can use it without feeling any weight on it. It perfectly fits in one’s hand, and it will not cause any discomfort when using it.  Made of silicone, which will help you have a cozy and powerful experience, and the base is stainless steel.  Two protrusions are very flexible and this lets you use it according to your own preference.

Using The Form 2 is easy

  • Two prongs or ears of the vibrator are flexible to allow you to use it as you wish bending to the contours and demands of your body. They will rest on each side of your clit, which gives you a vibration that is indirect, but very effective.
  • This vibrator will give you a powerful and sensual experience. But you might want to be slightly patient since it is not a direct one. You will also be able to use it in different angles.
  • Can also use the ears individually if you need direct stimulation. They can be twisted to face different directions, but that doesn’t mean that they might break. This is because the material used is strong enough to be able to be adjusted to you.
  • You may also use them on other body parts if you need to try out more pleasure. Use it on your nipples or labia, which is also easy to use, with just one hand.
  • Waterproof not just water resistant. That means that it can be freely used in the bathtub, or in the shower.

You are sure to experience a super unique sexual pleasure with this little toy.

This also lets you wash it easily, without worrying about it. Another great feature is that the toy is wirelessly charged and cordless when in use, and you will still be able to charge it fully. The base acts as the charging port. You simply place the toy on the charger, with its base, then it will charge completely. And the vibrator will move with you not the other way around.

jimmyjane form 2

Five Power Modes

That will allow you to be able to enjoy a whole lot of power ranges with this toy, giving you complete satisfaction. It has a huge range from a low-power mode to a super powerful mode that will take you to a different world. When you switch the vibrator off, while on a certain setting, it will remember it, and pick up from there. Also has a lock so you will be sure of saving your battery, or avoiding embarrassing situations should the Form 2 turns on in your bag.  That makes it a great traveling companion.

This toy comes either in black or pink, which is a great color.

So if your man likes the black color, you can go for it, but if you are riding solo and need a girlish color, the pink one would do. This toy stands as one of the best couples sex toys, and it comes in style and comfort.

Jimmy Jane Form 2 is quality and quality comes at a price but you will surely love it.

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