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The G-vibe Australia Couples Sex Toy

Review of the G-Vibe by Fun Toys. One of the great bedroom ideas for partners, who want to spice things up, is by introducing sex toys to your bedroom or into their extra-curricular activities.

Couples sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream and that is an excellent situation. Sex toys in general are the best way of enhancing and improving your sex life. With sex toys, couples can explore and learn how and what makes them feel good.

Other reasons vibrators are great

Sex toys are fun and can lead to a more effortlessly achieved orgasm and greater intimacy. Whether one is playing with the best sex toys alone or with a partner, he or she is guaranteed to have some great orgasms with the aid of sex toys. If you are new to sex toys there are a multitude of toys to choose from that will lead you to more and more great sex experiences for couples.

One of the most interesting and innovative sex toys is the G-Vibe, a must-have for any sex toy lover!

The G-vibe
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What is the G-Vibe Designed to Do?

The G-Vibe is particularly designed to do something that no other vibrator can do. It focuses powerful vibrations directly on the G-Spot and the opposite side of the vagina for instantaneous stimulation. This toy makes it easier than ever for women to have a G-Spot orgasm. Even for those who have had difficulty in reaching orgasm in the past.

Offers a customized fit for every woman. Being inside, the toy creates an enjoyable sensation of satisfaction without stretching its entrance. As with all excellent ideas, the design of the toy is simple. It adapts to every female individually. Due to the silicone’s elasticity, the wider your vagina is, the wider the stimulator’s tips will spread off.

Every lady is unique.

And the sex toy can be easily used both by younger ladies and also those who have already given birth. Once inserted, the sex toy’s arms will naturally open to fit the vagina. No matter how tight the vagina is or how many babies you’ve had! That unique feature will give you that immense “full” feeling without creating undue stress at the entrance. An open arm design makes it amazingly versatile in the hands of the user.

This vibrator comes with demonstrated suggestions to help the user jumpstart her creativity. For example, a woman can slide one arm inside her vagina and use the other arm to tickle her clit like a rabbit sex toy.  Then, she can spin the toy around and slide the arm in her backdoor for some DP!  A woman can bury her nipples or her clit between her arms to surround them with great vibrations. And even do the same with her partner’s penis and balls!

the g-vibe
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It takes many fun-filled sex sessions for partners to discover all the different ways they can use this toy!

The G-Vibe comes with two strong and almost silent motors positioned at the tip of each arm. This offers direct contact with the erogenous zones, maximizing the stimulation and enjoyment at the same time. Features nine different speeds and six lively patterns of vibration. A woman can use the speeds one by one or combine them with the functions in order to increase or decrease the power. Even when high, the toy is surprisingly quiet. One can easily use the toy under the sheets without any other person knowing about it!


You can easily and safely wash it as it is made of medical silicone that makes it feels buttery soft. It requires water-based lube in order to be used comfortably. Its handle is made using ABS plastic. All of which can be removed using isopropyl alcohol, or just a wipe. The vibrator measures 1.5 inches across at the widest point and 9.25 inches in length, with up to 6.25 inches to be inserted. Roughly each arm measures 3.25 inches long and 1 inch wide, to be inserted.

Developed from high-grade silicone, the toy is very smooth.

Feels like silk when it glides over the skin. Silicone is widely used in sex toys because it is hypoallergenic and non-porous and this makes it safe for any person to use – even those who have severe allergies and sensitive skin. Silicone is also extremely durable for those who like to play hard. This sex toy comes with a USB charger is and powered by rechargeable batteries. Each charge can last for about four hours.

The G-Vibe offers a great experience and is actually a one-of-a-kind take on multi-purpose couples sex toys.

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