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Introducing Sex Toys

Introducing Sex Toys To Your Relationship.

So, Introducing couples sex toys to your relationship, can be capable of fanning the flames of passion hotter than they have ever been. That is the theory; you have now accepted it. Unless you read this with your partner, the next question should be how do you implement it? The title of this section is How do you introduce sex toys into the bedroom?” But a more apt caption would have been –How do I bring my partner in on it?”

Here are a few tips you want to keep in mind before you try.

· Choose An Appropriate Time And Place

Timing is everything when it comes to talking about things like sex toys. You don’t want to broach the subject just as you both are about to get busy. For example, if you talk over coffee in a neutral environment like a café would be a much better option considering the time and venue. In general, there is no perfect time and place to do it; but you are better off having that conversation after your first few sex sessions.

After the first few sex sessions

You will both feel more confident and at ease with each other. Offer your partner, a lot of praise when your significant other pleases you during sex. Establish that they are perfectly adequate at giving you pleasure, only then should you broach the subject. Your partner would be in a much more receptive frame of mind for what you would suggest could add to the pleasure you two already enjoy.

Proceeding in this manner enforces your partner’s self-esteem, in addition to spiking their anticipation for the introduction of sex toys is spiked.

introducing sex toys
timing is everything

·  Ease Into The Conversation

A good approach is to try to ease into the conversation in the beginning by showing your partner an article regarding sex toy use. If you have an article handy about sex toys and their benefits, then you can introduce the topic to your partner by saying.

“This seems interesting, what do you think?”

Engage your partner in reading the article and watch their reaction. Talk to them about it then; the discussion would flow much more naturally from then on. There are some things that are never easy to talk about, and this is a good way to go about them.

· Reassure Your Partner

At this point you have to be very sensitive to your partner’s feelings and reactions. You do not want them to feel you want to replace them with a dildo! Focus on the positive aspects of when you two meet for intimacy. Try to articulate clearly why you would want to introduce a sex toy into your “bedroom” so to speak (something like an informative article would be really useful to have at hand at this point). Assure them of your continued need for the intimate connection that both of you share during sex. Positive affirmation of these points is very useful here.

·  Be In The Know

You should have done your research on sex toys before you broach the topic to your partner. The times may have changed, but there is still a lot that has to be done to shed more light on this topic. Recently up until the late 90s, the idea of sex toys was not even discussed among friends at the bar. It is likely to be true that a good deal of the skepticism and resistance that your partner exhibits may be based on fear of the unknown.

You should be ready to field some of the questions

That may come your way when you bring up this topic. You should also know enough to be able to narrow down the particular sex toys like Jimmyjane and you feel could be mutually beneficial when introduced into your shared sex life. Just don’t be vague about.

introducing sex toys
Shop Online

· Do The Shopping Together

There is nothing that you and you partner would find more awkward than shopping for sex toys together! You could do this in the comfort of your own home, away from prying eyes. There are several online shops to aid in that Endeavour. Or if you two are really not among those who are worried about querying looks from over the counter, you can both take a stroll to the local Adult Lifestyle Centre store. It is important that you do it together though.

Shopping together will create a feeling of commitment and oneness to this new chapter in your shared life. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Introducing Sex Toys
Fantasy Role Playing

·  Don’t Be Too Pushy In The Beginning

The Iron Curtain was not brought down in a day, and neither will this curtain. You should not expect too much from your first talk with your partner. In fact, you should expect a little resistance at first. Rather than letting that put you off, you can shelve the idea away for a while, and go on with your relationship. Keep on experimenting in the bedroom and exploring each other’s bodies. Play sex games and introduce fantasy role playing in your sex life as a substitute. As your partner becomes more comfortable with the new levels of sensation, eventually, their natural inhibitions will give way to other ideas.

· Try A Trojan Horse

This may seem a little theatrical but it works! Why not give your partner a sex toy for as a present so they can get acquainted with them? This is another variation of the show and not tell principle.

Give them a nice sex toy that they can use on their own, in their free time, and in privacy. The more they get acquainted with your present, the more their earlier inhibitions about introducing sex toys like it into your shared sex life will be lowered until they are as good as gone. It works just like the Trojan horse!

· Emphasis On The Mutual Benefits

Showing that sex toys don’t have to be just for one person but they can be used mutually to heighten the pleasure for both of you, is a good thing to do. This is most especially the case if you are female and your partner happens to be a man. To quell this apprehension, you can both go after couple-specific items like penis rings and others that promise heightened pleasures for both of you. You could both emphasize getting toys that essentially make him the toy because he has to wear them and use them on you. This will effectively do away with any fears he may have about being left out, as well as possibly getting him excited to see all the new possibilities that lie in wait after the purchases.

These tips for introducing sex toys into your bedroom

Are built to be as general as possible, applying to both sexes. Apply those that could work for you, in the particular order that you see fit.The benefits of sex toys in a relationship have been well established, and no longer should couples look upon them with the same skepticism or, worse, horror that characterized the period before the 90s when Sex and the City graced our screens.

Wondering which sex toy to go for?

There are several online websites were suggestions await aplenty. Often, one will see the products ranked in relevant categories like: beginner, intermediate, expert, couples, same-sex and so on.

All that is left is to go and find out about and try those that work best for you. If you happen to be in a relationship and would really want to share the fun as well as tap into those benefits for you and your partner. No problem-just follow the guidelines given!

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