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Introducing Couples Sex Toys

You may have a thought of introducing Couples Sex Toys to your relationship with a goal to improve it. Sometimes it is followed by the fear of possible consequences. You start wondering what your spouse would think about the very first time you introduce the idea. Not alone, many people have been unable to discuss the issue with their partners. Even when they knew that sex toys for couples would give them a good experience in the bedroom. Idea of using sex toys in sexual activities has been hindered by various society beliefs.

We are programmed to think that a partner is using a sex toy because the other is sexually inadequate.

Many have had the fear that they might end up getting addicted to the sex toys. And that it would be hard for them to reach orgasm in their absence. They are worried that their partners would not be useful to their sexual life anymore. Some people went on to think that some of the sex toys could harm their genitals and they are not willing to use them.

Couples Sex Toys
Sexual stimulation

Give Assurance to Your Partner

You don’t just wake up one day and buy a sex toy, bring it home and expect things to run as usual. Discuss with your spouse before you introduce sex toys into the relationship. This shows a great sign of respect and will help you avoid hurting their feelings by them assuming that they might be incapable of fulfilling your needs. It is good to make them know that when you use various methods of sexual stimulations, you cannot be dependent on one. Let your spouse know that there is no harm when for instance you insert a dildo or use a vibrator on them. The genital area might become numb but the sensitivity usually returns after a few minutes. Lead those to gain knowledge by reading more on sex toys for couples and have clear intentions that you only want to improve your relationship.

couples sex toys in relationships
Taoist Sexual Practices

Sex toys that are used by couples are becoming familiar as time goes by.

This has been necessitated by improvement in technology as well as the need to improve sexual activities. I know most of you know or have heard about the extensive use of solo sex toys and would want to learn more about sex toys for couples. It is wonderful to know that there are sex toys for everyone and everything. You will get some for the penis, some for the clitoris and so on. There are very many varieties which have been developed to take care of sexual activities at different stages of sexual intercourse.

Don’t watch as your marriage gets ruined. Toys are a good way of reviving your sexual sparks and they will assist you in heating your bedroom. Introduce them to your relationship to give you a great experience and improve your sex life.

Why You Should Go Ahead & Introduce Couples Sex Toys in Your Relationship

There are many benefits that should motivate you to start using couples sex toys in your relationship. Thus, it should not feel like you are not normal when you are intending to introduce them into your relationship. Introducing sex toys in your relationship helps you stay closer together. The benefits are

1. Sex toys assist couples in maximizing their pleasure as they explore each other

You are in a relationship to reap pleasure among other things. When both of you are using them on your bodies, you are able to explore new sexual possibilities. These toys are made for us to achieve as much pleasure as we can. In exciting ways, you are able to learn more about your partner and get to know new areas of pleasure on each other that you were not aware of. Your partner may be shy at first. As you use them more often, it becomes fun. Each one longs to know more and use different types of toys on themselves and on their partners. The sight of your partner getting to an orgasm through a toy is enjoyable.

 couples sex toys
maximizing pleasure with sex toys

2.     It will assist you to help in buildup anticipation in your partner

Sometimes, you stop thinking about your spouse because there is nothing to remind you about him or her except for the conventional ring that you may have on your finger. This can only remind them of your responsibility to each other and might not have any sexual effect to you. Sex toys are a way of keeping memories about your partner. When you think of your bedroom with drawers stocked with sex toys, it arouses your mind. Every time you get in there, you have more to think about what you will do with them when you are with your spouse. You will always be looking forward to him or her. It is a motivation to each one of you. They make you start creating fantasies and keep you yearning for the time that you get to meet up with one another. The sex toys act as a reminder of your partner.

3.     It is a way of diversifying your sexual tools and activities

You can introduce different types of sex toys for couples to achieve diversity in your love making sessions. You are used to the “same sex tools” as we call them, the naturally occurring ones. In a relationship, you will see the same person every time, and make love to her or him whenever need be. As humans, we seem to like new things and do away with the old ones. This is not different in a relationship.

At times, you don’t have anything else to learn about your partner. You already know how he or she behaves at different sexual stages. You memorize their reactions to any move you make during your sex sessions. At this time, you don’t feel motivated to have sexual activities anymore. If you had sex toys, this would be a different case. You will establish which toy work well at which stage and it will be fun to use them with your spouse.

4.     It is a relief when you feel tired and you are not able

At some point in a relationship, you may encounter difficult situations. Life comes with a number of responsibilities and challenges, which may inhibit your sexual performance. This might happen to either one or both of you. It may happen to you and maybe you are the one who takes the lead in sexual activities. It can be brought by difficult working conditions or even sickness. This makes your sex life to be at risk. The other partner may also get disinterested.

You may even get into arguments and blame games. If you introduce sex toys, it will ensure that even when you are not able to carry out your sexual obligations, you can still continue with your sexual activities. If you are unable to use your body, you can use the toys instead. Together with your partner, you will experience the joy and continuity. There is no time you will fail each other even if one has lost the capability. This ensures a favorable environment in the relationship.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

5.     Introducing sex toys break the routine during sex

People sometimes fail to understand that sex life is not only about penetration. It is not always about kissing, cuddling and so on. This thought has been on the frontline in killing our sexual relationships. Just as one would need to learn new positions to curb boredom, it is equally important to engage different sex toys to spice up the sex act. Sex sessions are boring when people have to do them the same way every time. If you employ the use of sex toys, you are able to get variety. No more thinking of the same act every day but it would be different. They inspire the performance of each one of you in the bedroom since each one gets actively involved and the love making sessions become enjoyable.

introducing couples sex toys
Couples Sex Toys

6.     It works well when there is a distance between you and your partner

There are times in a relationship that you have to be apart and stay far from each other for various reasons. If this happens frequently, you will have a hard time trying to stay far from him or her. Sex toys will offer you great assistance when your spouse is far away maybe for a work assignment or some other official matters. When one is left at home with some of the sex toys, the other can carry some along with them.

At convenient times, you can use audio or video calls as you stimulate each other through the calls.  It’s great to assume that you have your partner by your side when they are far away. For instance, as your woman uses a dildo you, on the other hand, you can use a pocket pussy. Both of you will play it romantically and feel as if you are closer to each other in spite of the distance.

Today, you are able to get sex toys that interact with each other through technology such as Bluetooth

Have a read of how the we vibe sync we vibe pivot kept my long distance relationship alive. It no longer matters if you are not staying near each other. Sex toys will leave you feeling like you still have your partner with you wherever you are.

7.     Introducing sex toys offer different ways of stimulation at foreplay

Foreplay is very important and has been emphasized over and over. However, you may find yourself skipping this stage, thus having unsatisfying lovemaking sessions. This might be as a result of boredom by using the same ways of doing foreplay. Many couples use the same methods such as kissing, cuddling, oral sex and the obvious. Sometimes, this feels monotonous and no one wants to repeat it. This is where sex toys for couple’s use come in. You can use them interchangeably with the other foreplay methods. They will get you hot and give both of you an explosion. You can even use them halfway through your session after which you can get on each other. Sometimes, they become more enjoyable until you let your partner reach their peak through them. Once you have heated foreplay, you are guaranteed of maximizing pleasure.

8.    A good avenue to reach your fantasies without limits

Toys provide you with an opportunity to entertain yourself without fear. You are able to indulge your fantasies in a safe environment with your partner near you. You will explore what works best for you with the help of your partner. There is no one person who can be able to satisfy the sexual desires of their partners to full capacity. The sex toys for use by couples allow you to realize all your fantasies about sex. Whatever you cannot do on her or him can be done by the help of a certain sex toy which is always much important.

9.     It is a way of maintaining sexual health

Sometimes, it is normal to experience sexual performance difficulties. The introduction of these toys can be a remedy and a good cure to some problems that we experience. There are real and documented sexual health benefits that come with the use of sex toys. For instance, you can help in toning the muscles of the vagina if you use a dildo regularly. It is well known that some women have trouble reaching orgasm. In this case, you can use a vibrator to help your spouse overcome such problems.

Take Your Relationship to Greater Heights

Introduction of sex toys for use by couples in your relationship helps you take your relationship to greater heights. There is no need to fear or think that you may seem like you are not normal when you decide to employ their use in your relationship. Couples who use sex toys have been found to be happier, more open to each and always find their relationship more satisfying.

Just as one would add ingredients to a menu to spice it up, sex toys for use by couples are sweet spices to their love life as far as this is concerned.

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