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My Long Distance Relationship

At the start of 2018, I was presented with a very important opportunity to go over to London for 6 months for work which meant My Long Distance relationship.

Now, automatically my mind ran with excitement, thrill and curiosity of this new adventure that I had been given the opportunity to embark on. I had already planned my outfit for my first day on the job over there. And all the places I want to travel too whilst I’m in town. Greece, Italy, Morocco… all a stone’s throw away.  With all of this excitement, I completely had forgotten about Samantha.

Oh Samantha, the love of my whole entire existence.

We had been together at the time for 5 years and had planned our whole future together. She had her own business here and was very successful in what she did. I automatically started thinking about how this would affect her.

  • How is she going to be able to come?
  • Will she stay with me?
  • How much are flights for me to pay for her to come over to me?

My mind started flooding with all the possibilities and definitely all the problems that could arise.

As soon as I got home, I told Samantha the news.

She was shocked, yet seemed to be more excited then I was! I asked her if she is someone else?!? She responded “No hun, an opportunity like this only comes around once in a lifetime, so you should take it and I’ll be here cheering you on the whole way”.

Automatically I knew that once I get back from London, I am getting down on one knee. We both sat down with a glass of wine each and started thinking about what we needed to do to make this work for both of us.

We had a few challenges to face

  1. Physically not being able to see each other or go out on dates.
  2. Time zone difference (Sydney is 9 Hours ahead of London)
  3. Our SEX life!!

Keeping our sexual intimacy alive whilst I was away was our number one priority. We didn’t want our sexual frustrations to have an impact on our relationship. Samantha, came up with the great idea (3 wines deep) for us to go to a sex shop and see what they have to help us.

my long distance relationship
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We Visited an Adult Store

The adult shop we went to was not exactly what I expected.

I was thinking, dark, dirty and sleazy.  And was met with warmth, bright, and clean with a really bubbly girl helping us. It turns out, we aren’t the first long distance couple she has had in so she could recommend so she knew exactly what to recommend to us.

She showed us the We-Vibe Sync

It is a mini version of the rabbit but I can still be inside Sam at the same time. Best thing about it was that it came with an App that I can control whilst I’m in London and she is in Sydney. Thank you very much, we will take 10 of them!!! She then showed us the We-Vibe Pivot, which is a cock ring but still has the same app function.  She said, although you won’t be using the actually bit for the clitoris, if you turn it around it can vibrate on your testies.

Again, I’LL TAKE 10!

We also got a lot of other little goodies like a lube a masturbator for me. So here I was all packed and ready to go. We hugged, we kissed, we laughed, we cried but this adventure was ready for me. Samatha was ready for me to land because I had already downloaded the app!

Fast forward 4 months, and what a blessing these toys have been to our sex life.

My biggest issue is trying to stop Samantha from getting on a plane. So she can fly half way across the world to have sex with me because of this sex toy. We struggle at times with the time difference but we make it work. This app has allowed us to really feel another level of connection whilst I am away.  We always switch up the functions because the app allows you to create new ones for the toy.

Sometimes we even switch up where we do it. We will either both be in the shower, the bed or both running a bath. Absolutely love our new We-Vibe sex toys and will definitely be using them together when we reunite in 8 weeks.  This app really allowed us to explore our sex life whilst not being together.

Although we have a strong foundation of love, and strength, I’ve found that we would of struggled a lot more if we just had Skype sex and send each other dirty pictures. This app allowed us to be with each other without being with each other.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in a long distance relationship, or is embarking on one.

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