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Superslyde Lubricant For Sex Toys

Superslyde Lubricant is an Award Winning Personal Lube And Sex Toy Lubricant.

Why is Superslyde Lubricant the best Couples Lubricant on the market?

Well, they say that sex is the sweetest thing in life, and that is true. It’s sweeter when the vagina keeps its wetness throughout your love making or couples sex toy sessions.  This natural wetness tends to decrease with age or time as you continue enjoying sex.

Sometimes it may become difficult for penetration when the vagina becomes drier. At this point, if one continues using force it may be painful. So making couples lose the desire to continue with the wonderful feelings of intimacy or even worse cause infections. Anal play is suited only for oil and silicone based lubricant as moisture is absorbed in through the anal passage rendering water base lubricants useless for anal sex and anal play.

Don’t worry because with Superslyde Lubricant is your saviour

It will ensure all problems related to vaginal dryness or anus are solved.  This amazing product is also used with sex toys by couples to arouse and satisfy their sexual feelings in their bodies. To learn more about couple’s sex toys, you only have to read the information about them on this website that lists the top 10 couple’s sex toys right up to 2023.

There are many types of lubricants depending on the methods used to make them.

These types include.

  • Petroleum or silicone-based lubes. Silicone-based lubes like superslyde are safe to use with silicone sex toys and condoms due to their outstanding characteristics.
  • Water-based lubes. These are mainly used when condoms are worn or if one is after a flavored lubricant as it can easily and safely be ingested through the mouth.
  • Oil-based lubes.
  • They have even developed a hybrid type of lubricant.

Superslyde is one of the lubricants that has entered the market successfully

It is the 2014 Eros Shine Award Winning Lubricant of Australia. One of the products that when used once you will always want to use again and again.

Superslyde is a silicone-based lube which is one of the best lubes for sex to enable couples to continuously play without stopping at any given time due to dryness. Boosts the sexual feelings in a man causing him to thrust for a longer time with his penis remaining harder throughout. Silicone lubricants are known to have the best characteristics making the Superslyde product the best couple’s lubricant in the market at the present time.

Some of the characteristics of silicone lubricants have made Superslyde product shoot upwards in the market.

  • Silicone lubricants are known to be smooth and slippery. This characteristic is most important when it comes to sex.  Since we are dealing with dryness, this property helps to wet the vagina, anus or sex toy again thus regaining beautiful feelings without pain.
  •   Silicone also has another property that forms a sheer layer where the skin glides over it which gives a pleasant feeling.
  • It can also be used to treat eczema, burns and rashes.
  • Silicone based lubricants are 100% free from water. This property helps them to last for a long duration during sex without adding more lubricant.
Superslyde Lubricant

Silicone based lubes are odourless, hypoallergenic and bleachable.

You will always enjoy sex without being affected by any smell coming from the lubricant. SuperSlyde is not irritating to your skin. Some people are allergic to some lubricants to an extent they start feeling itchy, dry. Or even getting rashes or infections to their sex organs, but this works the best to everybody.  It’s an excellent product that gives solutions for those people with sensitive skins.

Superslyde silicone based lubricants can also be used for massage.

This lubricant can be applied throughout the body during massage since it helps your skin to get a good moisturizing effect.  Once you apply it, Superslyde silicone lubricants will stay on for a very long time before you have to re-apply it. You only need to use a few drops of it at a time as Silicone lubricant does not have the sticky characteristics like some of the other lubricants. It remains slippery throughout hence giving complete couples satisfaction.

This product is also used in water for those who may like to perform sex in water.

Because it is not water soluble and is a product that is highly used and recommended in silicone toys. As it is important to note that some inferior quality silicone lubricants will react with silicone toys in an adverse way.

Superslyde is a very popular lubricant in the LGBTQI communities and due to the silicone barrier helps reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted disease when couples are not wearing condoms.  A recent blind test survey showed that 9 out of 10 people preferred Superslyde lubricant over any other major brand.  7 out of 10 people polled after having tried Superslyde indicated that they would not purchase any other lubricant.

Superslyde comes in 4 sizes and is the perfect couple’s sex toys lubricant on the market.

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