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Sex Toy List Of Benefits

Sex Toy List Of Benefits
Top 24 Benefits Of Sex Toys

Here is the top 24 list of benefits when using couple’s sex toys. 

1. Sexual toys enhance your sex life irrespective of whether you have a partner or you don’t.

For times when you are with your loved one, sex toys can make foreplay, post coital moves or intercourse more exciting. They also make great substitutes for partners when one is in between relationships. Couples that use the best sex toys when alone or when together have better and more open communication.

2. Sex toys allow each partner to tap into their creative selves.

There is great beauty in receiving and giving pleasure.

3. Sex toys can enhance sexual performance.

For example, using a vibrator on a women’s clitoris while her partner is giving her oral pleasure can enhance the sexual pleasure so much. Also using a vibrator on a man’s anus or balls while doing fellatio on him can give him enhanced pleasure. Even using a cock ring while having vaginal intercourse can make a world of difference.

4. Sex toys allow one to do sexual acts that another can’t sustain for a long time.

Many men may have the problem that they may climax before their woman and then they can’t keep her satisfied with an erect penis. The ideal solution may be a sex toy that will make her reach pleasure quickly and keep her satisfied.

5. There is also the issue of tiredness and cramping.

Sometimes while giving pleasure you may find your body parts getting tired or cramping, sex toys can help you in continuing to give pleasure and save the day for you.

6. Sex toys are also a great option when one partner is in the mood and other is not.

They can be a great mix in the sexual act.

Happy Lady By sextoys orgasm

7. Sex toys cause good health as reaching a good orgasm is a great way of releasing tension.

It is a great way to start the day or relax at night and get a sound sleep.

8. Sex Toys for Disability

Sex toys are a great way for release when one partner has a disability and cannot perform sexual pleasure.

9. Long Distance Relationships

Sex toys are great in a long distance relationship as they allow one partner to have pleasure over the phone while the other is talking.

10. Look Great

Sex toys have come a long way from the brightly colored jelly vibrators to some sleek and smooth toys that are a pleasure to look at and hold and use.

11. Improve sex Life

Couples who use sex toys confirm that their sex life is great because they use sex toys. Neither of the partner shies away from introducing sex toys in the bedroom and both have great sounding orgasms. Here are some reasons why sex toys are great for a relationship:

12. They take the pressure of performance away from you.

It is often hard for a woman to orgasm no matter how giving your partner may be. According to research 70% of women require some kind of clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm. While the clitoris can be stimulated with fingers or the tongue that is not an option. While taking help of a vibrator you take the pressure of orgasming of yourself and your partner and a great orgasm can really open up your relationship.

 13. A sexual toy can lead to multiple orgasms.

Once you have taken the pressure of orgasms from yourself and your partner there are chances of great orgasms like multiple orgasms. It is a scientifically proven fact that vibrators give sexual satisfaction.

14. Exploration makes for enhanced sexual pleasure.

Exploring each other’s bodies and exploring your relationship with a toy opens up new possibilities. It improves your sexual bond and opens up your relationship to newer possibilities.

15. They encourage the partners to try new positions.

With a sex toy you may end up finding more positions than the Kamasutra suggested.

16. Masturbating each other is just great

Masturbating in front of your partner can be really educational. It might tell you partner how long you take to orgasm.

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17. You can explore your fantasies.

Whatever your fantasies you can fulfil them using sex toys.

18. Don’t bother about any stigmas attached to sexual toys.

19. For everyone

There are some people who spread the rumour that sexual toys are for lonely women but nothing could be further from the truth. They are for couples as they are for single men and women.

20. Bonding Experience

Buying a sexual toy with your partner will bond you to each other.

21. Build Intimacy

Your partner will realize that you worry about their orgasm as much as they and this will help in building intimacy.

22. Clitoral stimulation

Many women find it difficult to orgasm without clitoral stimulation. While it is possible it is more difficult. The reason for this is simple most sexual positions do not provide clitoral stimulation. Adult toys stimulate the clitoris. Anybody who has used a vibrator will tell you that they give the most intense orgasms. A vibrator will give a woman an orgasm in few minutes and is a great way to start foreplay.

23. G-spot stimulation

Vaginal orgasm can be quite different. Dildos come in handy when seeking vaginal stimulation.

24. Penis and testicle stimulation

These toys can greatly enhance a man’s pleasure while having sex with or without a partner.

Top 24 Reasons To Use Sex Toys

Other Reasons

Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulators can provide great satisfaction while having sex.

Multiple orgasms

Most women who make use of adult toys have discovered that it is a great way of having multiple orgasms. Depending on how versatile your toy is you can have different kinds of orgasms.

Try out different sex positions

Toys allow couples to try out various sex positions. These toys allow for deeper penetration. Lesser fatigue and better orgasms

Have sex with overweight partners

Occasionally the partner may be overweight and have difficulty in providing sexual stimulation, sex toys come in handy in such a relationship.

With all the great reasons how your sexual life can be improved by a sex toy. You really don’t need another reason to check out some sex toy’s discreetly online. You could also check out some at a store if you feel like it.

Best Sex Toy’s On the Market

If your partner has expressed the desire for some role play in your sexual routine, it is time to check out some great looking sex toys available in the market. Although we have a list of the top 10 couples sex toys for 2014, 2015 and even 2016.  Here is a list of some great bestselling couples sex toys that are available in the market:

Best vibrator

These handy toys come to your aid in so many different ways when your partner is out of town or when you want to have multiple orgasms. Your partner could give you clitoral stimulation especially when penis stimulation is not enough for you. Choose one that is good enough, gives you good orgasms and which your partner does not freak out on.

Role play essentials

If you have some fantasies that you want your partner to work on there are some perfect role play essentials available in the market.


The we vibe is for the women as it stimulates her clit and g-spot. But men can have fun too.

Couple’s massager

This one rotates and vibrates while you and your partner are doing the same. It fixes inside the woman while the man is penetrating her. It doesn’t come in the way but rotates and massages all round.

Smart wand

It is made of smooth velvety silicone. With the underside has a shining metal contrast. Giving massages to each other is a great kind of foreplay, and the smart wand makes it very easy. Instead of kneading muscle with aching hands you could let the smart wand do the job. It is also a vibrator and that is why it is so excellent.


This toy is just perfect as it fixes around the clit and sucks and vibrates to give you an experience of oral sex as close as you can get.


This one looks like a flower and is coloured pink too. Masturbating with a girly toy is invigorating. The tip is great for giving the clit some great stimulation.


Eva is a great vibrator that works without being fixed on. You can fix the arms under your labia and vibrate over your clit. The best part is it can be shown as you could get away with telling people it is a paperweight.


This one fits in your hand and directly stimulates your clitoris.

Picobong transformer

This has twin vibrators and it can double up as a vibrator and g-spot stimulator. It can also function as a prostrate massager, which means this one is for your partner too.

Vesper crave

Whether you want to make a statement by wearing your vibrator around your neck, the vesper crave is designed like a piece of jewellery and fits in your palm. This one is not something you can ignore as it gives the best orgasms through clitoris stimulation.

List of benefits

Morning wood dildo

This pink coloured dildo can be attached to your shower walls and you could stimulate yourself while conditioning your hair.

Ora 2

This one is designed to give you oral sex and it can be even better than your partner.

Comet key II wand

This one is a great one for hitting your vaginal spot and the battery lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

A massage stone

 This one is great one for giving your partner a massage. You could pleasure each other up.

With all these couples sex toys listed above.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t introduce one in your bedroom. They give you greater understanding of each other and build your intimacy. Sexual toys are a great option to improve your sex life. We have listed all the reasons why you should use sexual toys with a list of the best sex toys available in the stores, you have no reason to avoid sex toys. Sex toys add excitement and intimacy to your life.

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  1. Toys can serve as an alternative to a boyfriend or husband, and can significantly enhance a couple’s relationship. Some women, particularly those who are dedicated and devoted to their partners, may feel that introducing a third party into their bedroom can be intrusive. Therefore, they may consider purchasing sexual toys from the market for their own satisfaction. It is important for the present generation to embrace the idea that sex toys are not intended to replace their partners, but rather to complement their pleasure. This is especially beneficial for couples who are physically apart or when one partner is too exhausted or busy to engage in sexual activities.
    Learning about their benefits has been a pleasure reading.

  2. The current generation should embrace the idea that these toys are not a substitute for a partner, but rather a means of intensifying pleasure when they are not physically present or lack the energy to engage in sexual activities.

  3. We all know that sex toys have benefits – its a given. But I am more interested in getting material on the best sex toys to use.

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