Sexual Awakening Through Couples Sex Toys

Sexual Awakening Through Couples Sex Toys 

An Introduction of Sexual Awakening by Knowing What Your Partner Wants Sexually.  It is the diversity of the uses of sex toys that continues to make them gain favor among many people in relationships today. Gone are the days when these toys acted as points of solace for the lonely or heartbroken. Over the years, couples have learnt to use them in their bedrooms, when out and even at work owing to the fact that they add an extra flair to their individual sexual experience. In this article, we shall look at some of the ways on how the introduction of sex toys lets your partner know what you want sexually.

Sexual Awakening
Pleasure Has no Age

1. They Take The Pressure Off Of You

Sex toys help in achieving some degree of sexual stimulation that your partner may not necessarily help you achieve. We all know how hard it may be at times to orgasm. Depending on our mental and emotional disposition, achieving a sexual climax may not be a walk in the park. In most cases, orgasms do not happen simultaneously and when this happens, one party may feel as having only been met halfway. This, as we know, leads to a deprived sex life which may degenerate to further complication such as infidelity.

In order to breach this orgasm gap

Sex toys come in handy as they enable your partner to know when you are about to cum. In the case of women, these toys, as in the case of a vibrator, help them achieve the maximum stimulation needed for orgasm by taking the pressure off them. The man is therefore able to complement the toys with his fingers in making the woman reach orgasm, something that would not be easy without the toys. Remember, research shows 70% of women often need some kind of clitoral stimulation and not so many men can help them achieve this. Therefore, the toys serve the crucial purpose of setting the stage for maximum stimulation.

2. They Take The Pressure Off Your Partner

Another way that sex toys help in the bedroom,is by helping take the pressure off them so you can have a smooth and easy sexual encounter. Communicate to your partner what you want in bed to let them know that sex toys can help remove stress from the situation. It is believed that it doesn’t matter how long people have known each other, it is never easy for your partner to hit the magic spot in the way you can when masturbating.

sexual awakening
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By introducing sex toys into your bedroom and sex life

You not only benefit but your partner benefits too. They get to learn what it takes to hit the spot without you having to literally explain it to them. Once in a while, you can use the toys for masturbation and your partner will have the chance to see exactly what they need to do while you are having sex in order to make them satisfy you fully. This will be possible as they will be literally reading your movements and reactions as you use the toys, and they will learn how to pleasure you sexually.

At the end of the day, you will have communicated a lot to your partner without the word of mouth and by mimicking the masturbation episodes from the toys, they will be able to fully immerse themselves into the moment so that the both of you can have a heavenly sexual encounter.

3. Sex Toys Help Enhance Orgasms

As we all know; it takes years of being with someone to fully understand how they respond to sexual gestures. Knowing what it takes for your partner to achieve orgasm may not only be difficult but the partners themselves may not be able to express it to you. By introducing sex toys into your sex life, the common barriers of sexual communication are broken and partners get to know exactly how to please each other in bed as well as derive maximum relief.

Once these toys have served the purpose of taking the pressure off

Of you as well as your partner, their next function would be to enhance the experience between the two of you by making your orgasms not only last longer but also ensuring you achieve multiple orgasms. By placing a sex toy between your partner, there is a silent message passed that the experience is not over yet and that you are craving for more pleasure.

Regardless of how long you had been having sex, these toys will always ensure they rekindle the fire and get the both of you back in the mood. In a nut shell, they are used to express a sense of dissatisfaction and a desire for a greater sensual treat.

4. Exploring New Sexual Realms

Sex toys have been used as a means of exploring new sexual realms. We all understand that when it comes to having a satisfying sexual experience, no one is a master in this art and each couple knows exactly what works best for it. It is for this reason that you could communicate to your partner that you need to explore new sexual realms, just by way of using sex toys. A case in point is the use of the remote control sex toys that enable your partner to control in another room or across the room just to communicate your desire for a greater sexual exploration.

Another example is sex toys that feature butt plugs, as are used by those who favor anal plays.

If you wish to communicate to your partner that you desire oral sex, you could do so by the use of toys such as dildos. Lastly, bag balls, handcuffs, nipple clamps and whips would be ideal if you wish to communicate your desire to take your sex game to a whole new level. Remember that by enabling you explore new realms, these toys not only help you enjoy what you have never experience before but are also ideal in creating a bonding experience.

sexual awakening
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5. Encourage You To try New Positions

The different sexual positions are no doubt one of the best ways of having an unforgettable sexual experience. However, the truth of the matter is that while we all long to try out these positions, we often shy away from letting our partners know, and this is one area that the sex toys serve pretty well. Sex toys are used to communicate the fact that you are done with one position and would want to try out a new one, well without having to deliver the message through a word of mouth.

How do they do that?

First of all, the toys are designed in a way that makes their bodies curvy and flexible, just like your ideal man or woman. It is very easy, therefore, to have them in various postures before or while having sex so your partner may know what is on your mind.

You can bend it over if you want to go doggy style, lay it flat if you want the normal sexual positions or have it in any position learnt in the Kama Sutra or even sex in a public place. Just imagine the kind of reaction your partner would have when they walk into your bedroom and find you have positioned the toys in a certain manner. They will immediately get the message and treat you to your new-found sexual position.

6. They Enhance Mutual Masturbation

Many times, we have heard a woman in some idle talk remarking “He doesn’t know what I need in bed!”

Truth of the matter is, sex life is not only about penetrative sex. At times, the experience could well start and end with masturbation. Sex toys are great tools for masturbation, especially if the act is done in front of your partner. Masturbation, as we know it has immense physical, mental and emotional benefits. When masturbation is done before sex, the experience could serve a greater purpose.

By masturbating using sex toys, your partner gets to learn a lot from you.

They will especially learn what makes you go who ha dada and what makes you get yourself off. It is in this respect that sex toys are used to communicate the desires to have a sexual experience without necessarily having a penetrative one. By use of the toys, the couple can then learn of the pleasures they both can achieve through masturbation, not to mention the toys help them create a magical foreplay.

7. Help Communicate Sensual Fantasies

Have you ever wished you could play some fantasies on your partner but do not know how exactly to do that? Well, sex dolls will help you do that in a way that will give you a better understanding of your partner’s sexual and emotional needs. Sex dolls enable you to tell your partner what you feel about your sex life by fantasizing with certain characters. You could choose to play a psychic cop, handcuffing her to the bed before giving her the experience of her life.

For instance, if your man is the stubborn kind who will not get aroused easily

You could use these toys to play some other games such as a damsel in distress and have them console you as they rock you in their arms. Evidently, these toys would have enabled you to communicate a very strong message, that of sexual and emotional deprivation. By use the sex toys to reenact certain scenes, your partner will immediately get the notion that you are craving for their attention. The toys literally make your fantasies come alive.

8. Creation Of Nostalgia

There is nothing more interesting in a sexual relationship than being able to reminisce on how it all began. The first glance, the first kiss and the first touch can all come alive again through the sex toys. In light of the fact that many sexual relationships face turbulence as a result of the flames dying down, sex toys are an ideal way of giving a couple those nostalgic memories and making them want to relive the past and experience the glorious moments one more time.

sexual awakening
Glorious Moments

Once a couple can reconnect with their past

Sex toys can help you and your partner get you out of a sexual rut.  They will find practical solutions to overcoming the issues. If, say you met Amanda adorned in some tight yoga pants, that’s the way you will always remember her, as first impressions last. The mere fact that you were drawn to her by her curvy, sensual body means that she needs to dress in a similar style and keep a similar body physique if your interest in her is to persist. In case she happens to lose it, your sexual frenzy will go with it but thanks to sex toys, you can bring to your bedroom a toy that is adorned in a style and manner reminiscent of your first date or the first time you met your partner. It will be a silent way of making them know you still longed for their former package.

Importance of sex toys in a couple’s life cannot be overemphasized.

While we will always be in agreement that sex is a wonderful and mystic experience, there are certain messages that a couple cannot get across by word of mouth. Even more important is the fact that these messages could make or break your sex life. Regardless of whatever you wish to get off your chest or mind, look to sex toys as your one-stop solution.

Another beauty of these couples’s sex toys is that they can be found in many shapes and sizes.

And can be customized to suit the specific desires and interests of your partner, which is why they are an inseparable part of present-day bedrooms. These toys not only help get out the most intimate messages but also act as a perfect means of bonding between the couple. They make it exceptionally easy to walk into your bedroom and get in the action by breaking the barriers often imposed on a couple as a result of miscommunication.

They are also a perfect tool for learning new sexual techniques.  Some of which cannot be described in ordinary literature. Why not get yourself a perfect sex toy today and watch as your sex life moves to a whole new level.

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