Couple Sex Toys Improve Romance

How Do Sex Toys Give Relationship Benefits

Gone are those days when we would shift uneasily in our seats when the topic of sex toys was introduced now we are more interested in their Relationship Benefits. Today, while we cannot say our ears openly peak up, it’s safe to say the adult store is no longer cooped up at the end of a dark alley somewhere.

Times are a’ changing  as they say.

Hopefully, your relationships can change right along with it. There are many benefits that your relationship can enjoy.  Do away with some of the misconceptions and go about introducing sex toys to your bedroom or rather sex lives. Gone are those days when sex was confined to the bedroom as well.  To say we live in interesting times is would be an understatement of monumental proportions.

Relationship Benefits
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What Stops People From Using Sex Toys?

A recent study shows that one in every two women are in possession of sex toys. While that may be interesting, what is even more interesting is another statistic from that same study: only a mere 23% of adults agree that they use sex toys during sex, the key phrase is “during sex”. It’s all fine and good having a sex toy collection and leaving it in the closet.But put them to better use, it’s so much better when you can use them with that one special person. If that is not motivation enough for you, here is another statistic from the previously mentioned study.

Women who use sex toys report more frequent orgasms and greater satisfaction with their partners than women who don’t.

It’s obvious from experience that the reluctance of couples to introduce sex toys in the bedroom can be boiled down to two broad topics which we are going to treat here: Firstly, the many misconceptions about sex toys; Secondly, couples don’t have a clue about how to broach the subject of sex toys without leaving one person put off.

Sex Toys Misconceptions And Causes

There is the fear that is common with women that bringing up the topic of sex toys may rub off the wrong way against their male counterparts. This could not be further from the truth. One of the perks of changing time is that men are okay with the fun too! Most men who have never actually used one, are open to the idea today.

Couple Sex Toys Improve Romance

There is the fear among both men and women of being stigmatized

If they go out to get one at the local retailer or store. Unfortunately, this is a fear that extends even to condoms sometimes and is common in the more conservative areas. Rest assured, however, that far from looking at you in a funny way. It is much more likely that those you encounter in the store are going to be of great help in choosing which products are required for your particular needs.

Or you could just buy stuff online for privacy. Online retailers are very discreet in their packaging, so you have nothing to worry about.

relationship benefits
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Another reason for the reluctance of couples

When it comes to sex toys is one that is rather funny and ultimately very puerile. Some men are against opening the door to sex toys. They believe in keeping their women satisfied with their own bodies as making them cum using sex toys “doesn’t count”.

Many people would have heard this excuse many times coming from men.

Even though ultimately it is the woman that suffers. This is nothing but a play made by a false sense of manliness that can only be bad for a relationship. If a person uses tools or equipment to complete a task, it would not subtract from the value of their labour. Except in this case the “labour” happens to be sex. There is nothing wrong with pleasuring your woman with a sex toy.  Actually if anything, it takes the pressure off the man sometimes.

Aren’t sex toys for lonely women only?

Nope! Reports show that 78% of women who use sex toys admit to being in a committed relationship. So the idea of sex toys being their last resort of desperately under-sexed women is one that is outdated, misleading and due for a toss out the window.

A final misconception is the fear that sex toys are over the top and weird.

The likely cause of this one is having watched one too many Hollywood movies like Fifty Shades of Grey that portray scenes that area little far-fetched or are designed to give a shocking effect that is unfortunately taken for the norm by some of the audience. This is rather unfortunate: sex toys are toys first and foremost. They are designed for fun! They just happen to be meant for the bedroom arts as well. If you seem put off by what you see on television you can turn to someone more knowledgeable, like say your local retailer, or the many dedicated websites online, to ask for some clarification about the topic.

That said, here are a few benefits which your relationship stands to gain once you and your partner accept to bring in sex toys into the bedroom and your sex lives.

Benefits Of Sex Toys In A Relationship

· Nothing Sets The Mood Better

There is nothing that would get you two out of your daily routine and thinking about making out and progressing into foreplay like a stray sex toy lying anywhere nonchalantly. In our super charged lifestyles, it is sometimes difficult to take a step back to think properly about sex with our partners like we should. The end results are often rushed foreplay and therefore subpar sex. But the right sex toy has the potential to change all that, by throwing a whole new perspective on the art of foreplay and pleasuring your partner.

relationship benefits
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· They Can Increase Pleasure In The Bedroom

It is now known that about 75% of women cannot climax without some help according to some studies, sex toys may be just the thing that your shared sex life needs for everybody involved to fully peak. This help could be in the form of certain things like clitoral stimulation and so on but never anything that would lie out of the reach of the right sex toy. Another aspect is often ignored is the pleasure that men could get from using sex toys in the bedroom.

You could use the vibrator to great effect against the frenulum just as easily as you would against the clitoris.

A guy may not climax, but rubbing some lube over the glans and putting a vibrator against it can lead to huge amounts of pleasure. Some men may also want to get prostate stimulation and there are prostate-specific sex toys that cater to that. This does not make you gay in any way; men who want to do this should feel free about talking to their partners about this.

· Toys Can Help You Focus

It’s hard to imagine something that brings thoughts of play to mind being helpful in maintaining focus, but that is exactly what we mean. Sex toys help you maintain focus on your partner and what they feel during sex. This is particularly important for men who find it hard to concentrate on pleasuring their women. Sex toys could shed a whole new light on how you can explore your bodies so that you know exactly what your significant other likes. The increased levels of communication can only add to the rapport between both of you which is vital to a fulfilling sex life.

· Improved Quality Of Your Relationships

Better sex will lead to a better relationship. The fact that you two are involved in something so private and sexy will lead to greater levels of intimacy. It will develop a deeper connection the likes of which may have never existed between you two before. This connection will permeate and pervade everything you do, leading to a better all-round quality of relationship, especially on a physical and emotional level.

· Exquisite Emphasis On Foreplay

Great foreplay is the prelude to great sex. It does not matter where you are, concentrating on foreplay is a great way to set your partner on the sweet road to climax. This is another reason why sex toys are so important-because they make foreplay so fun! When you introduce sex toys into your shared sex life, foreplay stops being the chore that it sometimes seems; and takes on a whole new dimension.

relationship benefits
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· It Helps To Broaden Your Horizons With Each Other

The increased levels of desire are only going to make you want to meet each other more. The heightened foreplay will lead to finding new ways to pleasure your partner as well. Knowing that you can pleasure your partner in this way will give rise to your confidence, which will lead to greater feelings of freedom and intimacy in the bedroom.

· Increased Communication

Sex toys can act as another medium through which couples can communicate their desires to each other. For example, let’s say the woman is one of the 75% who need clitoral stimulation to climax. She can communicate that need by bringing a vibrator to the playing field. This not only communicates the need but it fixes the problem. The same thing can also be said about men and their own particular needs during sex and intimacy.

Relationship benefits
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What About Men?

Over 30% of men admit to ejaculating prematurely for one reason or the other. There are mens sex toys available such as penis rings and male desensitizers which are capable of helping out with this problem. But there is something else which will help even more than those which is the increased levels of confidence and freedom that you and you partner will experience with the introduction of sex toys into your sex life is the greatest remedy against premature ejaculation in men. This is so because most men suffer premature ejaculation because of performance anxiety. This is a situation where the guy is so focused on performing and proving himself that he ends up doing the complete opposite. The remedy against this is to feel confident and at ease during sex, taking your time with sex toys can do that for you!

What About Women

It is a fact that many women do not feel comfortable with their own bodies. Another fact that is prevalent, especially in conservative societies, is that some women may feel strong senses of guilt when they approach pleasure. In a sense they feel guilty about getting all the pleasure which they rightfully deserve. This leads to intimacy problems. Using sex toys can change all that, giving her a sense of pride in her own body as she explores and discovers all the pleasures that lie therein. At the very least, sex toys are able to get her to move past her anxiety whenever she is naked or alone with you.

This is important because, unless a woman is comfortable with herself, and is capable of wholeheartedly and unashamedly accept the pleasure that comes from sex.

She will always have problems achieving orgasms.

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