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What Makes Lelo Ida Such A Great Couple Sex Toy? For an industry that has probably seen it all, the only way to stay at the top is to design the best. It seemed the creators of Lelo Ida had this in mind. Set to revolutionize the couple sex toys industry now and in the future, even for a few years it has been in the market. This little toy has already charmed the industry and has sold like hot cakes in nearly all the adult shopping outlets.

The following are a few key highlights that have made this toy truly stand out from the rest and why you need to consider it.

Lelo Ida
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Overall design and packaging is amazing.

Their designers upped their game and thought of ways on how they were going to make one of their own stand out from the crowd. They paid very close attention to all the finer details. Overall design of this toy actually says a lot about Lelo Ida. Not only does this item appear seamless and flawless. But all the materials that have gone into its construction are safe and approved by FDA.

Packaging itself is also not going to disappoint.

Presentation is spectacular. Coming fully complete with a glossy black outer sleeve, an image and information in 6 different languages, there is no way you will go wrong.  As if that is not enough, inside the box is everything that you will possibly need. The Ida, plastic key, wireless remote, wall charger, user manual, and satin storage is a few things that you can net.

For real, it cannot get better than that.

When it comes to functionality

What you can get from this couples sex toy is completely out of this world which makes Lelo Pleasure products in a class of their own. It seems this toy was actually designed by a user who had a very bad experience with a sex toy in the past.  Well thought out and every single thing that you can possibly ask from your sex toy has been perfectly nailed.  For example, this toy can vibrate right at the base.

Perfect for clitoral stimulation and at the curbed arm.  Arm rotation, alone, can provide a mind-blowing g-spot massage for the woman. And spectacular sensations for the man during sex. In short, this toy can easily vibrate while at the same time rotating is a stroking motion.

lelo IDA
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Remote control feature

Has also made this item a gem in a number of couples’ bedrooms. With this remote control feature, either partner can easily adjust vibration modes just with a touch of a button. Best part, it comes with a whopping 8 adjustable modes that will explore your world of intimacy into a world full of pleasure. It is also powerful and flexible which is quite amazing how the designers managed to strike the two. Flexibility and power. Not only will this sex toy give you some of the most powerful and mind blowing vibrations, it is also super flexible and can offer you a very comfortable pleasure just at any position.

What else can you possibly ask for?

It is fully waterproof and rechargeable so there is no way you and your partner cannot take it to the shower. Takes roughly 2 hours to charge and has an equal play time. With that, this toy is going to be a hit and it is so easy to care for and clean. Compared with other couples sex toys in the market, this is one of the best if you want something that is quite easy to clean. Lelo Ida requires very minimal cleaning and care after any use. Silicone, one of the materials that has gone into the creation of the exterior. Does not absorb any kind fluid and will take you a few seconds to clean it. It is completely comfortable, safe and hygienic.

Bottom line

This toy is like no other. If what many users have said about it is anything to go by, Lelo Ida has practically lived true to its features.  It is unbeatable and is going to hold one of the best spots in the market for a very long time. If lately you have been combing through places looking for one of the best couple’s sex toys, this is exactly what you need. It should be in your next shopping list. One of the newest ways to share intimacy.

Lelo is always releasing something new so have a look at the sex toy for couples in 2023.

Lelo Ida
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