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The Original BodyWand Personal Massager

You know that the Original Bodywand is the best couples sex toys on the market!

With the constantly evolving designs of sex toys it is a challenge to pick the best toy suitable for you and your partner. There will always be the nagging doubt that one of you actually enjoys a particular sex toy more than the other. Or the fact that the sex toy you just purchased just doesn’t work for you or help keep that spark between you alive. To avoid these disappointing feelings that may arise after choosing the wrong sex toy that is not doing it for one or both of you. Couples sex toys is the website seeking to give you all the information you need with their famous selection of the top 10 best couples sex toys in the market.

Original Bodywand
body wand massager

Top on the list of course are BodyWand Massagers.

These amazing super powerful massagers that for the daring can be used as clitoral vibrators are great for the entire body. They can involve both partners and you can use them either as a form of foreplay. Tease and arouse your partner, during sex itself as well as a massager for arms, shoulders and the back after you are both exhausted!  Apart from its ability to always help you reach mind-blowing orgasms, the Body Wands are easy to clean and simple to use even for newbie’s.

As the best couple’s sex toy in the market, this vibrator helps couples experience great satisfying sex each and every time they use it, through a myriad of possible ways.

Ways to Use your BodyWand

For instance, when you are both tired and in need of motivation, a massage will arouse your man. Using the massager with lube provides for great clitoral stimulation that will make your sexual desire peak immediately. When either of you is feeling playful and adventurous, they can be counted upon to bring both of you to an earth shattering climax with or without penetration.

A Sex Toy For Both Of You

While other sex toys in the market exclusively cater for only one of you. Or are designed in such a way that they go all the way in making penetration from you partner feasible whilst using it. This couples sex toy seeks to make both of you stimulated but also both useful. By confining its use to the clitoris and the rest of the body, it leaves you both to experience the joy of penetration and all the other aspects of your sexual experience without doing all the work.

Basically, you can use it to go all the way to climax, or require it to give you a push in the right direction.

The Body Wand Massager has a version that is not battery run.

Therefore, as long as you experience no power outage, it does not leave you dissatisfied during that crucial moment if the battery suddenly goes out. This means you can enjoy the sensations for as long as you can handle.

It is super strong

But be warned it also has a loud motor. And slow-to-fast dial that allows you to adjust the vibrator’s speed is enough to not only put you in the mood but also keep you in that mood! Its flexible neck makes it possible for you or your partner to reach the most intimate parts. As well as the far flung places that you would normally struggle to reach. Another reason why the Body Wand are the best couples sex toys.

Their different designs allow them to be used for different themes and different locations.

  • Rechargeable Body Wand Lavender is excellent when you are ready for some erotic action.
  • On the other hand, the Body Wand Mini Massage Orange is best fit for those times you require intimacy. By stimulating you and your partner in the most intimate way due to its close feel, it enables you to strengthen your connection during sex.
  • There are nights or days when you get the inspiration to get naughty and adventurous. In these cases, invitingly show off your sexual prowess by using the Body Wand Neon Edition Mini Massager. Tease and keep all the eyes and attention where you want them most.
  • Other times you fancy some action in the shower, the waterproof Body Wand 5 Function Mini comes in handy in this case.

There are many ways to spice up things in the bedroom, and shopping for sex toys is one of them.

As a couple, getting the right sex toy that not only works for both of you. But also leaves you to improve and enjoy the quality of your sexual experiences is paramount. And as couples sex toys shows, the BodyWand Massagers do not disappoint.

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