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Fun Factory Share – Double Ender Sex Toy

Fun Factory Share Strap On Dildo. There are many reasons for Fun Factory Share to be the best couple’s sex toy on the market. The Fun Factory Share is a double-ended dildo.

  • One end is specially designed with a short curved bulb, intended for g-spot stimulation above a curve to kindle the clitoris.
  • Other end of the dildo is straight for introducing your partner.

This sex toy is designed purposely for use devoid of a harness. Made up of a high-quality, flexible and soft material, which is entirely different from any other analogous sex toy available on the market. This dildo is strong enough to deposit any amount of pressure where you would like to have it.

Fun Factory Share
double ender sex toy

Sizes of  Fun Factory Share

This double dildo comes in three sizes, such as Share XS, Share XL, and Share.

Share XS dildo

Comes with the length of 5.5 inches and with the diameter of 0.89 inches.  length and the diameter of the part worn in the woman’s vagina are 3.9 inches and 1.37inches respectively. This smaller size dildo is ideal for novices. The end, which is employed as the dildo is more slender and smaller than the Share XL dildo and Share dildo. Allowing the user to get used to having the dildo within them.

Share XL dildo

Designed with the length of 7.1 inches and with the diameter of 1.37 inches. Length and the diameter of the part worn in the woman’s vagina are 3.4 inches and 1.49 inches respectively. Extra curves produce additional stimulation for the user it is being exploited, including the user who is wearing it.

Share dildo

A terrific way to extend the enjoyment and generate greater sexual relationship.  It is not only an ideal sex toy for lesbian couples. But it is also suitable for any couple that is eager to try it out.

You can warm this dildo in hot water or cool it in ice water, as it is a shower and bath friendly.  Vaginal part is trouble-free to insert and effortless to keep insid. Once you get relaxed with the movement and the sense of having it inside of you.

Strapless ‘strap on’ dildos

Made of pure therapeutic grade silicone material, which is rare to find on the market. These silicone toys are prepared and assembled in Germany Europe. So you know that you have no necessity to worry regarding the standards.

Silicone is of high-quality that you can, in fact, you can even use a silicone-derived lubricant with it. Being such a premium silicone also means it is hypoallergenic and simple to clean. You can even boil them if you would like to – they are that well made, and it will not destroy the material.

As the dildo is very flexible, soft yet firm.

Allows them to ergonomically fit to the contours of the body at the same time as, offering satisfying stimulus to both partners.

fun factory share
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Shape of this sex toy

Different from any other sex toy. One end of the dildo is seated in the vagina by a curve that rests against the G-spot plus right on top of the pelvic bone. So that while using, it offers most favorable internal stimulus. This sex toy has slender base, so the vaginal wall can close about it. Allowing it to stay in whilst using it and also giving the pelvic wall a workout.

Dildo has a seam between the two shafts

Flexible and flat, so it can rest flush to the women. The joint goes up and rests on the woman’s clitoris, offering outside stimulation for both parties, as it would massage against the partner.  Depending on which side you use will count on what the dildo part resembles. But they all contain a curve that will offer G-spot stimulation for your lover whether they are female or male.

Original Share dildo external shaft

Slender and shaped more similar to the male anatomy. Approximately 1.38 inches in diameter and 6.3 inches in length.  End worn in the vagina is 1.5 inches in diameter and 3.4 inches in length.  Shape is designed not only to provide vaginal stimulation but it is also designed to provide anal stimulation if the wearer chooses to.

You do not have to wear a harness with this dildo.

Natural shape of the dildo makes for a good grip and relaxed handling. If you are seeking something natural and smooth this double-ended dildo is the best choice for you.

Fun Factory Share is an ideal couples sex toy

For couples and lesbians who are seeking a fine clitoris-stimulating toy and anal toy that can be used to excite both parties, according to the level of your comfort.

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Fun Factory share
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