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Marble or Vinyl?

When you’re building a house you take every detail into consideration like Marble or Vinyl materials don’t you. You think of what you want your kitchen to look like, you think about the bathrooms and the flooring. When we buy clothes we think about what it’s made off and what it’s for. Now you may be thinking what relevance does this have in a sex blog? Stick with me, I’ll explain. My point is, we think about the little things all the time and the quality of things, so why do we sometimes want to stinge out on our toys?

In this article I’m going to talk about toy material qualities, and why they’re such an important thing to keep in mind!

Toxic Tim

Have you ever had that friend that you know is a bad influence and you should really stick clear of?

Well, TPE (Jelly) toys are that friend.

Run while you can! These toys are harmful, porous and not regulated. Majority of Phthalate free sex toys are found to contain this harmful toxin in the material once tested from an outsider source, so although the packaging might say it’s – it probably isn’t.  Problem with this material is that it breaks down over time, and because of its porosity holds onto harmful bacteria. Putting this material into your body is not a good idea.

What exactly are Phthalates?

Phthalates are a family of PVC and plastic softeners. They have risen in use since the 2000’s, and can be found in many old school jelly toys, but still show up in the more modern toys too. Multiple use of toys containing Phthalates can lead to liver damage, kidney issues and reproductive issues. Some of the milder effects are headaches and muscle tension. Now I know
this may sound scary, but I can assure you these are very easy to avoid when buying toys. You just need to know what you’re looking for!

What to buy…

When looking into new toy purchases the material is the easiest way to pick a safe toy.

Materials to avoid

  • PVC, TPE/TPR, Rubber (even if it says skin safe).
  • Vinyl and Cyberskin.

Materials that are definitely safe

  • Include 100% pure medical grade silicone.
  • Hard plastic/acrylic.
  • Wood, glass and steel.

These are all made from materials that are very well regulated and will not contain phthalates. The other benefits of having toys made from these safe materials is they’ll last for years to come, are easy to clean and feel luxurious.

Listen to your sales person and what they recommend. They do it for a reason and it is solely to help you buy safe toys fit for their wanted use.

Who and what

Some really awesome brands of safe, top quality toys are Fun Factory, We-Vibe, Jil, Rabbit Company, Cosmopolitan and B Vibe. All these companies make toys designed for anal, clitoral or internal stimulation and rabbit style vibrators (clit and internal stim happening at once).

marble or vinyl

Fun Factory is a company I really want to highlight.

Al their toys are made in Germany so they have access to all the top quality materials and hands on regulate their materials and quality control. They also have men’s masturbators (ie. Manta and Cobra Libre).

B Vibe is the only company dedicated to making anal toys only.

They have a huge variety of styles and sizes, and anal training kits. All their products are 100% silicone, waterproof and premium quality.

I hope after reading this you feel comfortable in your future toy choices

And are well informed about modern toys and their materials. Be careful in reading what things are made out of, researching quality brands and read reviews. If buying in our Adult Lifestyle stores ask your sales assistant for their recommendations, and trust them. We’ve done the hard work for you and know the ins and outs of our products and can best guide you! I wish you well in your future toy buying endeavours!!

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