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Have you been in a relationship and have been together for a while but never changed it up or experimented a bit in the bed room. Maybe you are even a new couple that want to add a little fun or change to the relationship. Then I have 10 different ideas or items to help fire up couples sex and add to spice to that vanilla relationship.

Fire up Couples Sex With These Sex Toys

1. We-Vibe Moxie

This is a clitoris vibrating toy that you can use anywhere and at any time. You simple place the toy onto your clit in the inside of you underwear and use the magnet to hold it into place on the outside. It is then control buy an app on your phone. If the We-Vibe moxie is a bit out of your price range then a simple vibration panties can be used. Most have a little bullet that you can place into a pocket inside them. Go out on a date night and put this on, hand over the app to your partner and sit back and enjoy!

2. We-Vibe Sync

Another toy from the we vibe company that can also turn date night or just simple sex into a new adventure. This toys better to use if you would like to add it during sex or can also be worn by itself. It is used for both internal and external vibration (can turn both vibrations on and choice to just have one settling on). It is controlled by both app and remote. The app lets you make your own rhythms up to suit what vibration or style suits your body best.

3. Handcuffs/ blindfolds

By taking away site or control this can make the pleasure more intense and sexual. The idea is to let one partner take control of your full body. A lot of trust is used in this to make sure you feel as comfortable as you possible can. So let this experience bond you and your partner even closer.

fire up couples sex
Je Joue Cock Ring

4. Cock Ring

There is all different style, shape and sizes of cock rings out there. A plain basic one can be used to help a male hold his erection for that little bit longer (great for any males with erectile dysfunction). The ring can also make a penis feel more plump and hard which can give a male more confidence in that department. Adding a vibrating cock ring can also simulate a female’s clitoris to give her more pleasurable vibration to get her there quicker.

5. Mild bondage steel pin wheels

Do not be put off by the look of these wheels. Yes they can be used for pain but can also be used to add light pleasure to any part of your body. Best way to use these is to put your handcuffs and blind folds on your partner and then move this wheel light and slowly around there full body, nipples etc. The touch sensation is so explosive that it will get anyone even more turned on and excited.

fire up couples sex
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6. Butt plug

Anal play is great for both sexes. Especially a male as his g-spot  or also known as p-spot is actually up his anus. So many people can be put off this but its a totally different feeling than normal vaginal penetration. You can also have insert with having intercourse as well. Start with a training kit and build you way up to a size to you feel comfortable with. This also prostate anal plugs as well that will suit a male better.

7. Body wand

Says it all in its name. Its a vibrating wand that can be used all over your body. This toy is great for having no limitation on what areas it can be used for. Get it out for even the simple things like a massage for your partner, its great for helping get out any knots in your back or shoulders and you can never go wrong with adding the vibration to tingle around your body.

8. Flavour lubes/massage oils/melting candles

These items are an exciting to living up the oral sex when it starts to feel repetitive. Grab a flavored lube that is taste for both of use. Use for only exterior use only. Some people are not a fan of oral so this is a way to try ease that feeling. A massaging touch can always relax, loosen and turn on a person. Get yourself one that smells amazing. Melted candles is a fun way to add heat pleasure to your body. You can also get editable ones, so do not be afraid to get your tongue involved in the action.

9. Masturbaters or strokers

Are use interested in having a threesome but the thought of another person added in is just too much for the people who can get a little jealous. Then buy a male masturbator and never have to deal with that feeling. You can get all different shape, size and looks. Bums, vaginas or mouths They can feel so realistic that you will feel like you have the real thing in the palm of your hands and can be used at any time. Always make sure to add lube so it does not feel sore or uncomfortable. Keeping them clean is also a massive thing to remember.

10. Show bags

They come in three colours depend how hardcore you would like to go (pink, green & black). Each have many different items included to bring some fun to the bed. Pink is your mildest one with items for example penis candles, sex cards and furry handcuffs. Green starts to bring in more bullets, vibration remotes and cock rings.  Black is the most extreme one with anal plug and larger vibrators.

All these items can be purchased at your local Adult Lifestyle Centreadult shop.  Our shops have great and helpful staff members that will help with any advice or questions

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