pulse 2 duo

Pulse 2 Duo Guybrator Couples Sex Toy

Revolutionary Pulse Duo II by Hot Octopuss. Love is always in the air and along with love comes magic especially when you have the Pulse 2 Duo handy.  A type of magic that satisfies both a man and a woman.  Erotic motions cause stir of unforgettable feelings that will last you a lifetime. All people come in different shapes and sizes. That includes the organs for sexual pleasure. Although some people have unfortunate erectile dysfunctions. In which the sexual organ below for a man can’t get hard enough to fully pleasure his other half.

What is the solution?

Pulse 2 Duo

Intimate feelings always grow between two people. In order to better satisfy themselves they get into sexual intercourse. Most of the problems for males such as erectile dysfunction can be resolved not only with pills. But with the new Pulse 2 Duo.

“The Guybrator

Solves all guy problems and satisfies your other half with guilty pleasure. This is the next level for sex toys for men. It is so unique that it cannot only help you with your dysfunctions but also can be used as a massager or a hands-free toy for foreplay. This device is known to be the male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the male half.

Pulse 2 Duo has some high-tech technologies built into it.

Starting off with the remote control vibration. On the underneath half, there is a vibrating couple stimulation area. That can be controlled by the female for her pleasure. Along with that, there is waterproof technology making your locations for pleasure spread home and worldwide. It also includes an adjustable intensity for the man. That can be adjusted via your remote control as well.

Male Pleasure

There have been many studies over the years that prove when specific vibrations are applied to a male sex organ, it is known to ejaculate much faster than usual. Pulse 2 Duo is designed to give not only the ultimate sex experience but also to give unforgettable orgasms.  This ultimate sex toy can as well be used as a very unique masturbator. Since it is s lubricant-free it acts more as a static stimulator.  Overall it is a very unique socket for your penis that adjusts and pleasures you fully.

Couples Pleasure

Men can’t be the only ones that get all the exciting feelings.  Pulse 2 Duo can as well be used as a couple’s sex toy. Pleasuring both halves with control of a button. Therefore letting giving a hand free experience of a lifetime. By letting you focus on you other half fully. Foreplay can turned on as the main event. Its soft silicone underside can be used from flaccid or erect. Even during shallow penetration and many different positions.


Its technology is super versatile. Most of it is designed to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than low vibrations. As said before a lot medical research has taken part in creating such a device. There are proven facts as well that when the oscillations are applied in a specific way they can create very deep and unique orgasms for the male. All of this comes from its pulse plate as described above.

Pulse is one of the first devices that brings such a technology to the sex toy play market. It also shows to a wider male audience. Secret is not the vibrations. This beats all the vibrators that are on the market. Pulse 2 Duo gives powerful, strong, and high-amplitude waves directly to the man’s frenulum.

Safe to say that the sex toy market to this day is a $15 Billion industry.

Giving all of its audience the biggest selection and pleasure. With such a market companies are trying their best to stand out of the pack. Some of the most popular sex toys that have been purchased online are; vibrators, rubber penis, lubrication, anal beads, penis rings, rubber vagina, and much more.

Many continue to use advanced technology and invest in sexual research in order to attract more people to their products. If before it did not gain too much acceptance from the people then now it is more mainstream than ever. For the future of all these toys, they are predicted to surpass $50 Billion dollars by 2020. Making the industry invest in itself.

pulse two duo
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