nalone curve

Nalone Curve Intimate Massager Couples Sex Toy

Luxury Nalone Curve Personal Rabbit Massager featured in the top 10 best sex toys 2015 for couples.  My experience with Nalone Curve Rabbit Vibrator was really worth appreciating. It’s the best sex toy available for couples in the market and I can vouch for that.  Comes in a very opulent box which in itself gives a premium feel from the outside before looking in. We have been using it for around 3 months now and candidly it has increased our sexual experiences a lot.  Silicone texture that it has, gave us a unique soft but adventurous feeling.  Vibrator’s length is 8 inches of which 5 inches is insertable and the rest is the girth.  Thus far we have not had a problem with it and have used it regularly.

Nalone Curve
Intimate Massager

Features of Nalone Curve

  • Nalone Curve comes in only one color which is Pink.
  • It has a charging slot that is USB compatible and USB wire was also provided with it.
  • LED buttons that glow when you switch it on. The vibration process is handled by its one small motor which is not overly loud.
  • It takes 2.5 to 3 hours to charge completely.
  • 7 modes of vibration.
  • Low and high options to handle vibration at the level you want.  That will surely give you different experiences at different levels.
  • Turning on the device is also really easy, you have to hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • You will see the glowing buttons then press the Plus button to view all the options available of vibration mode.

Its curved shape gives you the ultimate experience from both ends

A wider side can be used on the outer portion and the other end can be used for the deep penetration. Its vibration sound is not that loud and it’s not more than 30 to 40 decibels which makes it super convenient to use it anytime and anywhere. Without letting the people next room know.

Considering the price point of the Nalone Touch we were initially not sure whether to purchase it or not. But the decision and price point of purchasing were well worth it. It has 1 year manufacturer warranty though it’s waterproof too.  So durability is not the issue here.

I didn’t expect the type of result I got from it

Because to be openly honest this was my first vibrator and I purchased it at the insistence of my husband.  It was our first time experience together and I would say that it was mind-boggling and opened up a whole new world to us. Those who are still feeling little hesitation in purchasing, think that if you want to enhance your sexual experience with your partner. Or get away from the regular and give it a go.  We have since purchased a number of other sex toys that we use regularly.

There are thousands of vibrators are available in the market right now

If you search the internet you will find so many options available to you. But what makes Nalone Curve different is its unique feature that for me makes it the best. It has a silver square ring which changes the mode of vibration according to how you touch it. And it is really simple to use.

Most people think and have perceptions about the vibrators or sex toys are that only women can use them or for when their partner is out of town.  We have used it together and suffice it to say that it is a vibrator that can satisfy every person’s needs in different ways.

I would recommend it to my all friends. If you too are looking for a vibrator then Nalone Curve is one of the best choices you have available in the market right now.

nalone curve
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