Svakom Cookie & Candy

Svakom Cookie & Candy

Latest range of best sex toys designs are made for foreplay and include the Svakom Cookie & Candy! Their range includes two clitoral stimulators named Cookie & Candy are said to be “from the ocean are ready to make you wet!”

Svakom Cookie

Cookie is a clitoral stimulater which has a unique design. It is shaped like a tripod with a shaft that you can hold in your hands and the three prongs used for clitoral stimulation. These prongs are called massaging tentacles. Cookie is specifically designed for the stimulation of the clitoris and vaginal lips. It is available in a light pink colour which is reminiscent of the pink royal icing that you would find used for decoration on a cookie.  Dimensions of the sex toy measure 42mm by 96mm and weighs at just 70g.

Svakom Candy

Candy is a clitoral stimulator made with two textured ears which are said to resemble a fish mouth that appears as if it were ready to give a kiss.  Its internal area of the mouth is textured with lines of ribbing that are used to massage along the erogenous zone. Cookie is specifically designed for the stimulation of the nipples and clitoris. It is available in a light blue colour which is reminiscent of the blue you would find on a macaroon. Dimensions of the sex toy measure 96mm by 52mm by 42mm and weighs at just 76g.

svakom cookie and candie
 Svakom vibrators

Unique Designs For Pleasurable Tickling, Tweaking And Squeezing

These sex toys offer a unique take on the classic clitoral vibrators and ticklers designed with bunny ears and butterfly antennas. The arms and mouths of the sex toys are made to be positioned around an erogenous zone. The erogenous zone is then tickled and squeezed to provide pleasurable stimulation. This gives women and men a new way to experience the pleasure of foreplay. For men who wish to use it, they can apply the arms and mouths to their penis, testicles and nipples. Apart from the quality of their products, Svakom are famous for their controversial designs, in fact Svakom’s most popular sex toys is made with a camera!

One of the reasons why they are so popular is because when you use it, they can feel like someone is actually tweaking and playing around with you rather than an actual sex toy. So if you have ever wanted stimulation that you would normally need someone else to be there for you can just buy the Svakom Cookie or Candy instead.In fact, you can buy both for stimulation of multiple areas at the one time.

Smooth, Soft And Gentle Silicone

If you are worried that tweaking may be too much for you to handle, the arms and mouth of the Svakom Cookie and Candy are made from a smooth silicone material.  Body safe, nontoxic, odourless and environmentally friendly. With these clitoral stimulators you do not need to use any sort of lubricant.  Smoothness and softness of the silicone is gentle enough to be used for long periods of time. Without having to worry about apply any sort of lubricant.  Vibrations felt through the sex toy will stimulate you enough so that your body will naturally lubricate itself.

Svakom cookie & Candy
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Easy To Control

The control panel is made from ABS plastic that is body safe. It is featured on the body of both sex toys with up and down arrows that can easily be pressed to adjust the vibration intensities. Svakom Cookie and Candy have 1 mode with 3 vibration intensities which include normal, caressing and climax.

1 Hour Recharge For 1 Hour Of Play Time

Svakom Cookie and Candy are designed with a rechargeable polymer lithium battery. What is amazing about this, is that for one hour of charging it will give your 1 hour of play time. These charging times and results are unheard of within the sex toy industry.

Waterproof Designs That’s Ocean Friendly

You are probably wondering why Svakom Cookie and Candy are designed around the ocean. A surprising feature of the charging ports is that they are so small that they are entirely waterproof. They can be used in water to a depth of 2 meters. You can just imagine all the amazing places you can use it. You can take with you in theshower, bathtub or a swimming pool for some incredible fun!

A Luxury Sex Toy With 1 Year Warranty

The Svakom Cookie and Candy are perfectly sized so that you can take them on the go and store them discreetly. These vibrating ticklers can be used for masturbation, foreplay and couples play. It comes with a 1 year warranty which covers any manufacturing faults which cause the product to function improperly.

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Buy Svakom Cookie & Candy Now
Buy Svakom Cookie & Candy Now

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