Fun Toys GJack 2

Fun Toys GJack 2 – Top Sex Toy 2018

There was the original Gjack and now there is the Fun Toys GJack 2 which is one of the best sex toys 2018.  Gjack 2 is designed with this quote in mind “Don’t look at me, just touch me”.

It is made from a remarkable type of material named bioskin. Bioskin is made with multiple layers of different types of material. The material can be squished in between fingers and gently bounces back when released just like a sponge. This skin is designed to feel as close to real life skin as possible making the experience as realistic as it can be.

The material itself, took around 18 months for Fun Toys to design with the founder of the sex company Jack Romanski. The formula of the material is patented and a secret which means sex toys made with Bioskin can only be purchased from Fun Toys.It is hypoallergenic, odourless and non-porous. The material itself feels silky and smooth making it feel incredibly luxurious.

One of the benefits of bioskin is that the material warms up to match the person’s body temperature and friction when in use. The warmth can sooth which helps the body to relax and immerse itself in the pleasurable experience.

The GJack 2 is available in two colour choices which include light blue and black. Light blue is a gorgeous gentle colour which brings back memories of the beach whereas the black is a luxurious, classy and elegant look.

Phallic Design With A Textured Rim

The GJack 2 measures 22 centimetresby 3.7 centimetreswhich is 8.66 inches by 1.46 inches. It is made with a phallic design with a shaft that has multiple continuous ridges that run all the way down it. This allows for a stimulating experience that is similar to being rimmed or penetrated multiple times in a row. With every thrust and removal the stimulation will feel out of this world.  It is a great sex toy for the g-spot.

fun toys gjack 2
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6 Vibrations That Permeate Through The Silicone

The GJack 2 has six vibration modes and different levels of intensityto choose from. One of the modes provides steady vibrations. The vibrations can be as soft or as powerful as you would like. Since the material has multiple layers, the sensation won’t be too intense and overwhelming which can be off putting and ruin the gradual build up. Instead, the vibrations are permeated throughout the bioskin providing generous and pleasurable vibrations. One of the great things about this, is that your erogenous zone won’t become numb from any excess pleasure.Although it is powerful, it also runs quietly so you don’t have to be worried about your neighbours hearing.

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100% Waterproof With A Magnetic Recharger

What makes the GJack 2 100% waterproof is the magnetic recharger which rechargers the sex toy through the material. This allows the sex toy to be seamlessly designed. Makes it amazing to use in the bath or shower. The GJack 2 can be recharged and runs for around 4 hours of continuous use. It is a USB rechargeable sex toy which means that it can be connected into compatible adapters and devices like laptops and computers.

Ergonomic Handle For Manual Control

The GJack 2 is made with an ergonomically designed handle. The handle has a large area where people can grip onto with their fingers allowing for easy manually handling for full control of the experience.  The handle is also designed with three raised buttons that light up when the sex toy is turned on. There is a + button to increase the speed, a – button to lower the speed and another button to adjust the vibration mode. The buttons make it easy to go through all of the modes with convenience for uninterrupted pleasure.

Travel Friendly

GJack 2 is also made with a travel lock. Turn the travel lock on or off, simply hold down the + button for a couple of seconds. The only time this sex toy comes back on is if you choose to turn the travel lock off. GJack 2 can be placed in a bag or luggage for short or long journeys. This is great if you travel for work and are away from your partner for long periods of time.

1 Year Warranty

GJack2 comes with 1 year warranty. This goes to show that the sex toy is made to last a long time. Although luxury sex toys tend to be more expensive. Since it will be used from 1 year onwards, you are really getting more out of your money than buying a battery operated sex toy. Battery operated sex toys will end up costing even more in the long run as the batteries have to be replaced.

Storage Box And Pouch

The GJack2 comes with a cylindrical box which can be used for storing the sex toy later. The packaging is consistent throughout their whole product range. It also comes with a white storage pouch with the Funtoys logo imprinted on it. The storage pouch comes with a string which can be tightened to close the top of the pouch. The storage pouch is a great option if you would like to minimise space but keep the sex toy safely away from other items which may scratch up against it.

Fun Toys GJack 2
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