The Lay-On Rabbit

 The Lay-On Rabbit by The Rabbit Company 

The Lay-On Rabbit by The Rabbit Company is a women’s sex toy made for clitoral stimulation. It features two silicone ears that gently bend to look just like a bunny.  Curve of these ears are subtle but they make an incredibly difference to the use of the sex toy.  There is one motor in each of the ears.  Ears can be used to direct pinpoint stimulation to the clitoris.

Rabbit Ears Have A Slight Give

As you apply pressure with the sex toy the ears have a slight give for added comfort. Although they are able to be gently bended they are still quite strong which makes them a perfect mix for pleasure and comfort.  Silicone is also made just right, so that the vibrations permeate throughout it and onto the erogenous zone.

A Textured Shaft For Added Pleasure

What makes this clitoral stimulator different to most others is that it comes equipped with a textured shaft.

Shaft has 6 rows and 3 columns of nubs and can be massaged against the clitoris. If you plan on using the bunny ears for insertion and stimulation of the g-spot, the textured shaft can be placed against the clitoris for a blended orgasm.

For men, the gentle curve of the ears can also be used to cup and massage the testicles.

Smooth Silicone With A Gentle Pull

The Lay-On Rabbit is made from two materials, silicone and ABS plastic.  Silicone feel smooth, soft and silky which is exactly what you would expect from a luxury sex toy.  It is body safe and non-porous. What I love most about this type of silicone is that it has a matte finish.  Silicone is great to be used to gently pull on the erogenous zone which doesn’t agitate the skin. If you use it with lubricant it generously glides too so you have the best of both worlds.

This type of silicone is also great as dust and fluff doesn’t cling to the material instead it will just fall off.

The lay-on rabbit Rechargeable clitoral massager
Sex toys from The Rabbit Company

Easy To Use Control Panel

Shaft of the sex toy is made from ABS plastic and the control panel is made from the same silicone that the ears are made from.

Control panel has four different buttons on it.

The button on the top turns the sex toy on and off. There is a + and – button which are used to adjust the level of speed during use.  Button on the bottom can be pressed to change the vibration mode. A great thing about the control panel is that the buttons are made with indentations that can be felt in the dark. This way you don’t have to look at the sex toy to be able to understand how to control it. Only a low amount of vibrations travel through the ABS plastic handle of the sex toy. Which means the power of the vibrations stay where it is needed the most.

Small And Whisper Quiet

This clitoral stimulator is small in size and virtually almost unable to be heard. It is so quiet that you can feel rest assured that when it is in use it will be hard to hear under the gentle whirring sound of a fan.  This is impressive considering that there are two motors that work inside.

the lay-on rabbit
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Waterproof For An Easy Clean

The Lay-On Rabbit is made with a waterproof body which makes having to wash to after use extra easy. You can place it under a running tap to get a thorough clean and wash between any crevices or ridges of the sex toy.  Benefit of a waterproof sex toy is that it can also be used in the shower or bath for added fun. The catch, is that it is only suggested to use it under water for 15 minutes of play time.

A Safety Travel Locking Feature

The Lay-On Rabbit is designed with a travel lock feature. This feature can be turned on when you would like to take your sex toy with you. It prevents the sex toy from accidently turning on when you are traveling with it. This is so that you can prevent any embarrassing situations from occurring.

It is available in three colours including hot pink, purple and black. This vibrator gives many sexual wellness benefits and makes reaching orgasming easier!It is USB rechargeable so this sex toy keeps on giving and giving.

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the lay-on rabbit
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