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Kissing Rabbit Top 10 Sex Toy 2019

A Couple Friendly Toy Made By The Rabbit Company Is The Kissing Rabbit. Kissing Rabbit Has A Clit Stimulator As Well As Vibrating Shaft An Exciting Couples Sex Toy

The kissing rabbit vibrator by The Rabbit Company is a gift to womankind. It was a relief to me in more ways than one. First, it arrived in a well-made box that had magnetic flaps which made a really good first impression. When I opened the box there was a charger and the vibrator which looked similar to older versions. Except instead of just a clitoris stimulation button there was now a sort of cup suction attached to where the normal clitoris vibrator is placed.

As a person I get real stress relief from reaching climax

Without the hassle of intercourse with a man. Plus, I just broke up with my ex and was in no mood to get involved with anything remotely human for quite some time. It’s as if The Rabbit Company knew my life situation when they came up with this nifty gadget.

The Kissing Rabbit

Knowing that no two vaginas are alike

I was hoping that this purchase was worth every penny. Before I could so much as try it, though, I had to plug the kissing rabbit to charge it not unlike my phone. This gave me time to study the manual and so I did. Aside from the regular on and off switch, the vibrator has controls for how hard you wanted the rabbit to vibrate and how hard to suck. I am not much of a fan of pulsating vibrations and like sticking to just the classic, basic kind like they had in the old days.

Have never tried a suction cup that came with a fake penis but couldn’t wait to try this.

We have a pool and I was hoping that it was waterproof enough to take with me to relax in the pool. But it said in the manual that it was not a hundred percent waterproof. Once, fully charged, I decided to try the rabbit on myself. I first applied lubricant on the shaft for a smooth entry. Yes, The Rabbit Company made it so smooth and easy that the shaft slipped into my vagina with ease. Outer vibe was so smooth without edges that I loved the way it filled me up. All thoughts of my ex simply disappeared when the full shaft filled me up. What I was a bit unsure about was the suction part, as I have not experienced a combination such as this in the past.

Well, I said to myself, if not now, then when.

I adjusted the suction and vibration of the kissing rabbit to medium and as my body was feeling sensitive, positioned the suction just where my clitoris was. At this point my clitoris was swollen and found the suction easily. I have to be honest this entire combination made me lose it as it felt delicious. Even if no two bodies are alike, this one fit me to a tee. It was as if they knew exactly how to space out the suction from the shaft for maximum pleasure.

My body responded exactly as it should, so to speak and I reached climax on the first try.

My clitoris loved the suction feature plus the vibrating shaft and I did reach a full orgasm and wanted more. I just needed a few minutes rest since the orgasm this naughty little gadget produced was quite strong.  Am a collector of a few vibrators so I know what I am talking about what I say that this is the one to get.

I left the shaft in my still-throbbing vagina while I rested to see if I could come twice in a row with my new toy. Was glad to see the battery was still full as I was planning on playing with this day after day as I recovered from heartbreak with my ex.

The kissing rabbit vibrator
The kissing rabbit vibrator

On a side note, I always love a good orgasm

Have a few gadgets that I have used in the past. Nothing comes close to the orgasm that suction and a vibration shaft can produce. This rabbit vibrator seems to stimulate your vagina and clitoris separately and both so thoroughly. Nothing an actual guy could come close to without getting exhausted. I find orgasms a great way to relieve weekly stress and the stress you feel in a relationship. Am so tired of second rate human guys that don’t even bring me close to coming, such as my ex-boyfriend.

This sex toy is a relief and a true asset and example for the sex toy industry.

At first I was worried that the shaft was not going to fit easily into my vagina.

Head of this thing is bigger than the shaft, the way a circumcised guy’s penis would be. I did lubricate the head part so it slid in easily.  Rest was easy. I loved the way the head filled up my vagina all the way inside. Shaft was six inches, which is the perfect size. the smooth exterior was the perfect match for my interior vaginal skin.  I almost told myself that I will never need a man again as long as I have this toy in my bedside table.

Best part

As the head and shaft fill up your vagina, the suction cup fits right into the top of your clitoris button and sucks the way a guy would in cunnilingus. Except a real guy couldn’t do both things at the same time, which is what makes this great.

Two thumbs up for doing the impossible, rabbit!

So I was rested and adjusted the gadget for mild stimulation on my second try, since my body was now more sensitive than previously. It took me a bit longer to reach orgasm on the mild setting. But also because I had just reached orgasm on the medium setting quite rapidly. I sat back, relaxed and let the throbbing shaft and suction do its job. This really is a great way to relieve stress. I reached orgasm more slowly on the second try, but quite thoroughly.

At this point, I had complete faith in the couples by Rabbit Company and cannot wait to see what they come up next, pun intended. Keep the good work coming, guys.

The kissing rabbit vibrator
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