Kiiroo Pearl 2 Couples Set

Kiiroo Pearl 2 Couples Set

Kiiroo Pearl 2 Couples Set is a new product from Kiiroo, an adult lifestyle company. They have teamed up with Fleshlight to deliver long distance sex toys to help them connect no matter where they are in the world. It does this by matching up different types of sex toys which are designed with touch sensitive technology. Matched up sex toys respond to skin contact and sends out vibrations to the matched up sex toy.

What makes Kiiroo products incredibly amazing is that they have made sex toys for both men and women.

Today, I would love to talk about Kiiroo Pearl 2, a g-spot vibrator.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 can connect with the following sex toys from their product range.

  • Fuse: Fuse is a rabbit vibrator.
  • Onyx 2: Onyx 2 is a male masturbator.
  • Launch: Launch is a hands free men’s masturbator which connects to a Fleshlight.

Curved Design For G-spot And A-spot Precision

Pearl 2 has a sleek design which is made to find and pleasure the G-spot with perfect precision. It is long enough to go as deep as you would like to. Especially if you would like to stimulate the A-spot. It is designed with a gentle curve. It measures 200 mm x 39 mm x 36.5 mm with a weight of 139 grams which makes it lighter in weight.  Easy to carry without placing strain on the arms or hands which means it can be used for long periods of time.

Sex toy size makes it great for beginners to advanced users alike. It does not have a base so it cannot be used for anal play.

1 Hour Of Play Time

It is designed with an environmentally friendly Lithium-ion 540 MAH 3.7V which has a charging time of 2 hours. This is an exceptional charging time considering that it can be used for 1 hour of continuous use. You can spend less time waiting for it to charge.  And more time rewarding yourself with a world of pleasure that you may have never been able to imagine.

High Quality Silicone That’s Absolutely Beautiful

Pearl 2 is made with ABS plastic that has a matte chrome finish and silicone that also has a matte finish. It is available in the colours pink, purple and black.  Silicone is absolutely beautiful. It is what you would expect from a high quality sex toy.  Smooth and silky, it is gentle to the touch and even after it has been washed it feels like new.  Silicone though does sometimes attract some dust but it does come with a strong box.  Storing the sex toy away keeps it separated from other sex toys and dust.

Kiiroo pearl 2 - Waterproof G-spot vibrator
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Completely Waterproof With A Self Sealing Charging Port

Pearl 2 is completely waterproof which makes it great to use in the shower or bath. It is designed with a base that has a tiny charging port that seals up after it has been used. Since the silicone is quite new, placing the recharging into the sex toy feels quite rigid at first. But it will become easier to use after a couple of uses. When it is charging a light will blink but once it is fully charged it will turn green.

It also a low power indicator which will blink red to alert the person that it needs to be recharged.

Buttons Are Easy To Use

To turn the Pearl 2 on there is one button.

  • Hold the button down for a couple of seconds to turn on.
  • Press the button down to go to the next preset vibration mode.
  • Hold the button down for a couple of seconds to turn off.  A singular button make it easier to use.

Free Downloadable Feel Connect Application

Pearl 2 can be synced with a compatible Kiiroo sex toy from their product line. This can be done by downloading the free application Feel Connect to a mobile.  Feel Connect application will take the person through detailed steps to sync two sex toys together.

kiiroo pearl 2
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Use The Pearl 2 With Immersive Technology And For Solo Masturbation

If you don’t want to sync it up with a lover, you can indulge your senses in an immersive erotic contact that you are able to interact with. Dip your toes into the world of 2D or VR, for new experiences that you can try again and again.  You can use it alongside live cam shows, listening to erotica, watching adult movies and playing games.

Although it can be used for couple’s play, who said that you can’t use it for solo masturbation. Enjoy a night to yourself and try out the sex toy by itself.

With a sex toy like this G-spot vibrator, you can use it from dusk to dawn. Included in the Pearl 2 box is a USB charging cable, authenticity card and a quick setup manual.

Kiiroo Is Dedicated To Pleasure Couples From All Around The World

Continuing to make new sex toys that will be compatible with the Pearl 2! Kiiroo really is a luxury sex toy company that you have to keep your eye on. What I love most about Kiiroo is that they work towards bringing couples together.  Especially those who live faraway or spend a long time away from each other.

It helps people fulfil their sexual lifestyle needs with lovers all around the world. Pair this sex toy up with some romantic ideas for long distance relationships.  You will be sure to have an intimate and loving connection no matter the distance.

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 Kiiroo Pearl 2 Couples Set
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