We-Vibe Sensations Unite

We-Vibe Sensations Unite – Couples Sex Toy 2018

A collection which brings together a world famous couples sex toy the We-Vibe Sensations Unite, a vibrating cock ring the We-Vibe Pivot and a blue silky sash which can be used as a blindfold or restraint.

These three sex toys are the perfect products that couples can use to reignite their sexual lifestyles with passion, romance and intimacy. All three products are considered to be sexual health aids. Which are used to enhance the natural feelings that are experienced during roleplaying scenes and penetrative sex.  We-Vibe Unite and Pivot are both made from high quality silicone that is body safe, non-porous and phthalate free.

If you are vibrator shopping for couple’s sex toys this a perfect addition to any personal collection.

We-Vibe Unite Couples Sex Toy

Considered to currently be the most affordable couple’s sex toy worn by women to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot in their product range.

We-Vibe Unite within this collection is available in a peach colour. Whereas if you were to buy it separately it is only available in the colour purple. Peach colour feels uplifting, comforting and is a breath of fresh air.  We-Vibe Unite is ergonomically designed with a classic slim fit that suits almost any body type.

It comes with 10 vibration modes

Low, medium, high, pulse, wave, cha cha, tease, throb, ramp and ascend.  But the reason why it is made to be more affordable is that it does not include intensity controls to change the speed for these modes.  This makes the We-Vibe Unite less powerful when compared to the We-Vibe Match and the more powerful We-Vibe Sync.

Even though this is the case, the We-Vibe Unite really does have everything a couple needs.  Especially if you are pair it up with the We-Vibe Pivot.

We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Cock Ring

A vibrating cock ring worn by men around the base of their erection. Cock rings are used to help maintain the blood flow within a penis. With increased blow flow they are able to have thicker, stronger, harder and longer lasting erections. Apart from making your erection function to the best of its natural ability, it also vibrates!  Vibrations are strong and powerful. They are not only sent through the testicles and the erection. But with every deep thrust the cock ring will rub against the clitoris or the anus.

This takes all the pressure off from sexual performance. As you are able to spend more time focusing on the pleasure and being present in the moment with your lover. If you are interested in more into about cock rings have a read of this review of the We Vibe Bond Ring.

We-Vibe Pivot is compatible with the We-Connect application

Which is free to download onto a mobile. We-Connect application allows couples in long distance relationships the ability to control their lover’s We-Vibe Pivot. No matter where your lover or you are in the world.  We-Connect application allows for real time control. Or you can even customise your own modes and have them saved to use for later on.

Silicone that the We-Vibe Pivot is made from is gentle, soft and stretchable making it have the ability to fit almost any body type. We-Vibe Pivot is also waterproof making it a great couple sex toy which can be used in the bathroom or the shower. It also makes clean up a breeze as you don’t have to worry about water coming into contact with any electrical components. For personal convenience, it has a low power alert. So that you are aware when the power starts to run out so you can quickly charge it back up.

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We-Vibe Silky Sash For BDSM Play

Included within the We-Vibe Sensations Unite package is a silky sash. Sash is made in a beautiful, rich and royal blue colour. When the sash is used it adds a touch of a luxury into the roleplaying scene.  Sash can be used for wrist or ankle restraints for BDSM play and as a blindfold for sensory play.  Easiest way to use the sash is as a blindfold, simply slip it over your lover’s eyes. Once the sash is placed on you can begin experimenting by changing the vibration modes and speeds of the We-Vibe Unite and/or Pivot.

Since the sense of sight is blocked out, all other sense will be amplified bringing even more pleasure.

We-Vibe sensations unite
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We-Vibe Playbook, 2 Year Warranty And More!

There is also a Playbook which includes 12 illustrations of different sex positions, methods and techniques which gives couples ideas on how to use the sex toys for the ultimate sexual experience. It also comes with a Unite user guide and a Pivot user guide for detailed instructions in multiple languages on how to use the products. Just in case, there is a We-Vibe Lube 2ml sample, so that you can try out their high quality personal lubricant. It comes with 2 USB cables, so you can use one per couple’s sex toy.

The We-Vibe Unite and Pivot both come with 2 year warranty which can be used if there is a manufacturing fault. The We-Vibe Sensations Unite is an all-rounder best sex toy for couples of all experience levels.

We-Vibe Sensations Unite
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