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The Rabbit Company – The Pocket Rabbit

From the same company that brought you the Lay-On Rabbit, The Pocket Rabbit stands out from the crowd.  With its novelty bunny ear design which makes it look similar to an adorable bunny.  Bunny ears are quite longer when compared to other clitoral stimulators available in the market.  Design actually almost looks identical to their logo. So it is not only a cute it is also a great piece of advertisement.

But these bunny ears are completely functional. They are bigger they can be used to pleasure a larger area of space. It doesn’t just have to stimulate the clitoris but can also be used to stimulate the labia itself. It can be used on different erogenous zones for added pleasure like the nipples, testicles and perineum. This vibrator design is definitely a bestseller.

Seamless Body Safe Silicone

The Pocket Rabbit is a sex toy made with silicone that is completely body safe. It has a seamless design which covers the top off of the sex toy.  Silicone itself feels soft and luxurious to the touch. So that you know that you are buying something made with high quality materials. The silicone is used to make the ears and the buttons of the sex toy.

Ergonomic Design Made With High Quality Silicone

It is ergonomically shaped so that it can be used for long period of times. Only measures 11.5centimetres in length and 3.3 centimetres in width. This way people can enjoy using it for longer without worrying about becoming tired. It is not to light but heavy enough that it feels like it is made with high quality materials. The Rabbit Company created this sex toy for pinpoint stimulation.

The Pocket Rabbit Has Two Independent Motors

It is made with two independent vibrating motors. There is one located in each ear for clitoral stimulation. Power packed vibrations that are sent through the ears and the shaft. Although it is powerful, it runs whisper quiet. So it is perfect to use if you want to get a quick session in without anyone overhearing.

There are 6 different patterns to choose from. This is incredible as when you compare it to the size of the sex toy. It is hard to imagine such a small thing providing incredible amounts of pleasure but it does.

Controls Are In A Handy Location

Located on the handle with three silicone buttons. Buttons on the shaft make it a great vibrator for beginners to advanced users alike. There is a + button and a – button that adjusts the speed. If the + button is held down for a couple of seconds it turns the sex toy on. And if the – button is held for a couple of seconds it turns the sex toy off.

There is also a button that features The Rabbit Company logo

This button can be pressed to swap through the different vibration modes. A great thing about it being separate from the other buttons is that you don’t have to be worried about accidently changing the mode when you are adjusting the speed. Buttons themselves are also made with indentations. So that if you are using the sex toy in the dark you can feel which button you should press. Rather than having to remove the entire sex toy to look at the buttons which may ruin the orgasmic build up.

The pocket rabbit

The Shaft Is Really A USB Charger

I have never before seen anything with this rechargeable design before. It has no wires or cables. But instead, the ears can be pulled apart from the shaft. When it has been opened, you will find that the shaft is actually made with a USB device.

USB device can be plugged into any adapt or port that it matches up with.

For example, you can plug it directly into a laptop, computer or even a gaming console.  Great thing about this is that you can actually physically disconnect the motors from the battery! This means that when you do go travelling that you don’t ever have to worry about it accidently turning on!  No longer have to be worried about causing any type of embarrassing scenes that you may have had nightmares about in public.

Vibrator shopping is made easy with The Rabbit Company, they have really thought of everything.

the pocket rabbit
The Rabbit Company The Pocket Rabbit Crystalised
The Pocket Rabbit Is So Popular The Design Is Crystalised

Comes in pink, purple and black. It is so popular that they have recently created more designs to choose from.

There is now The Pocket Rabbit Crystalised in pink, purple, black and white. It has all the amazing features of the standard Pocket Rabbit. But the handle of is decorated with sparkling crystals that add a touch of luxury and decadence to the couple’s sex toy.

Only thing that you need to be careful of is that it does not mention whether it is waterproof. Although since it is only being used an external stimulator it won’t get too messy. So when you are washing up ensure that you give it a thorough clean.

It is recommended that you use an antibacterial spray or wash it under warm water with mild soap.

The Pocket Rabbit
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