Shots Mjuze Finger Teaser 

Mjuze is the latest sex toy range by Shots America. Within this range is an excellent couple’s sex toy which stands out from the crowd which is the Shots Mjuze Finger Teaser. It is said to be “your own personal goddess of pleasure” which turns out to be completely true. Read on to find out why it is in the best sex toys 2018

A Heart Shaped Finger Print

Mjuze Finger Teaser is designed with a ribbed texture on the tip. This ribbing begins with a heart in the middle which is surrounded by an indented circle. There are a total of 5 indented circles that grow bigger in size that surround the heart.  Ribbing looks similar to a finger print which makes it feel like more of a natural way to pleasure a lover.  Heart shaped finger print is an adorable concept which makes it perfect if you are planning on using it as an beginners couples sex toy. It also makes a great novelty gift to give to a lover or for a friend who is celebrating their bucks or bachelorette party.

Small Sized For Couples Play

Mjuze Finger Teaser is small in size measuring 4.4 centimetres (2.6 inches) by 6.7 centimetres (1.73 inches). It has a vibrating type which measures 2.7 centimetres (1.06 Inch). A perfect size to stimulate and pleasure any external erogenous zones.

Mjuze Finger Teaser allows couples to explore their erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones that couples choose to use this sex toy on depend on personal preference. For women, it can be used on the clitoris, vagina, cervix, lips, neck, breasts, nipples and ears. For men, it can be used on the penis, lips, scrotum, neck, nipples, perineum and ears.

It is a bestselling finger vibrator for couples

Couples can experiment to find out what works best for them. Small size also make it perfect to store away discreetly! You can place it in your pocket or travel bag so that you can take it on a short or long distance journey. It is that small no one will know that you have it with you.

For easy access, it can stored in your bedside drawer or closet so that you can access it when you need it the most.

Lightweight Design To Go The Distance

Mjuze Finger Teaser is worn around the finger like a ring. Its inner ring diameter measures 3.3 cm (1.29 inches). But the silicone itself is gently adjustable so it can be worn by most people. Mjuze Finger Teaser is light in weight at approximately 116 grams. This makes it easier to use for longer periods of time without the hands or arms becoming strained.

10 Exciting Vibrations Modes

Mjuze Finger Teaser has 10 vibrations modes of speed and can do up to 10,000 rotations per minute. This makes it easy to control and perfect to build up a gradual orgasm. Apart from adjusting the speed. People can also apply different levels of pressure to the erogenous zone for additional pleasure.

Completely Waterproof

One of the crowd favourite features of this couple’s sex toy is that it is completely waterproof. This makes it easy to take with you in the bath or shower. Soak your body in suds, warmth and relaxation as you can pleasure yourself. Or allow your partner complete control over the couple’s sex toy. Another benefit of it being waterproof is that it makes it easy to clean. People don’t have to worry about damaging the inside electrical compartments.

Whisper Quiet

The Mjuze Finger Teaser has a maximum noise level of 45 dB. This is great if you live with other people or are renting an apartment with other people who live nearby.

Finger sex toy for clitoral stimulation
Shots Mjuze Finger Teaser

Fully Rechargeable

With all amazing high quality sex toys, it really needs to be rechargeable. Mjuze Finger Teaser has you sorted. It has a battery charging time of 180 minutes. Once it is fully charged it can run for 60 minutes of continuous play. This charging time is hands down amazing. With most luxury sex toys it can take upwards of 3 to 6 hour for a full charge. But with a charging time of 180 minutes it really does beat the competition.

Less charging times means you have less time to worry about taking care of it and you can spend this extra time indulging in pleasure.

Made With Body Safe Silicone

Mjuze is made from liquid silicone that’s phthalate free. This means that it is safe to use on the body! It is free from any harsh chemicals or toxins that other sex toys may have. Silicone is also a non-porous material which means that there is no place for dirt or grime to hide making clean-up a breeze. Mjuze Finger Teaser is available in three different colours to choose from.  Colours include black, pink and mint.

Why We Love The Shots Mjuze Finger Teaser

Shots Mjuze Finger Teaser ticks all of the boxes. Its waterproof, made with high quality body safe silicone and perfectly sized. Where this couple’s sex toy hits it out of the ball park is that it enhances self-pleasure and couples play. If you are already amazing at fingering or stimulating your lover during foreplay, this sex toy will just make what you are doing even better.

Already have amazing orgasms?  You will be over the moon when you introduce the Mjuze Finger Teaser into the scene.

For more information, be sure to read in-depth reviews of sex toys from the Mjuze product range by Shots America.

Shots Mjuze Finger Teaser
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