Liberator Sex Furniture

Liberator Sex Furniture For Couples

Have Better Sex With Liberator sex furniture.  Are you aware that there exists a special Liberator Sex Furniture category and it is actually an erotic tool?

Now you are in the know and this furniture makes your fantasies and kinky desires a reality as a couple. While it can fulfill the regular role of furniture, the tool is best used for lovemaking and exploring the fantasy world. Popular kinds of sex furniture are foam wedges and angled pillows, chairs, beds, chaise lounges, swings, sofas and tables.  If you are a couple and want to make your sex life really interesting, liberator sex furniture is the tool to consider.

They are briefly discussed below and how they help you make the best of your quality time together.

Liberator Sex Furniture
Foam Wedge

Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

This can well be described as a temple of titillation and tease. It comes with a kinky twist and an added advantage of playful restraint. By cuffing your partner on the two shapes, you create a playground that does so well in restraining them. Allowing you to let go of your passion. This furniture allows you to have various new positions and helps you revolutionize your sex life. Connector points of this furniture cannot slip or tear since they firmly cling together due to the nylon-bonded covers of microfiber.

It is one of the best sex furniture pieces you will get from Liberator.

Black label Zeppelin

If you have always wanted to float to destinations hotter than any known fantasy and strap into a naughty cloud-nine version, this is the furniture to go for. It will give you and your partner great and new sexual adventures to try out making your love life more interesting. Shredded high density foam is generously stuffed in it and this makes an environment that is luxuriously cushioned. This environment rocks and flexes with every turn and twists that you make with your partner. Best thing about this furniture is that it will provide the most unwavering support and distributes weight evenly as well as taking pressure off the limbs and joints.

It is the liberator sex furniture to go for, for maximum fantasy exploration.

Black Label Esse

Regardless of whether you as a couple are interested in S&M or R&B, the potential of this sex furniture never comes to an end.

Each and every angle of this furniture has been created to offer the sweetest angles, enticing possibilities and the best access. It will give you an opportunity to explore 360 degrees of the best sex life you never knew. This is because it cradles your back, head and neck in any position that is imaginable. Also has an ergonomic slope and an added height to make your sex the best you ever had by offering the deepest penetration ever.

Black Label Wedge

Both wonderful and wicked. It comes with that rare possibility of enabling you to tie your partner down in order for you explore the arts of restraining.  Has subtle firmness and slope making it ideal for offering lift and support for sensational oral and missionary. It creates deepening penetration angles that bring more satisfaction and makes new positions easier to try out.

Always been hard for you to reach your partner’s G-spot through penetration, this is the furniture for you try out. You will gladly heighten their sensation by reaching their G-spot. Ensure that your lover is placed where you want and they do not move, you can use the wrist cuffs that come with this furniture.

Black Label Ramp

Do you love to tease or get teased during sex play?

If yes, heighten and take your tease to the next level with this Liberator sex furniture. It gives you the pleasure of being held down and angled high at the same time. Helps you to savor every sound, taste, sight and scent as your partner masters the action as well as your anticipation. It offers a 10-14 inch rise, longer lasting and satisfying mattress moves. This is done through angled positioning, to offer ergonomic support and to accentuate sensitivity. It is one of the best sex furniture from Liberator.

Other great liberator sex furniture are listed below.

  • Black label hipster.
  • Bed buckler.
  • Talea spreader bar.
  • Slingshot.

Above are great sex furniture from Liberator. Along with the unicorn sex machine they will help you and your partner to heighten sensations in the bedroom. Try any of them today and experience great sexual adventures and explore your couple’s fantasy.

liberator sex furniture
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