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We-Vibe Match is a bestselling luxury sex toys that is worn during penetrative sex. Used to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at the same time whilst the man can comfortably thrust. It not only stimulates the woman but also sends the pleasurable vibrations through the man’s erection. This is a hands free sex toy which stays in place, so both people do not have to worry about manually moving it. This allows for uninterrupted couple’s play where you can use your hands to explore each other’s bodies for maximum pleasure. We-Vibe have amazing couple’s sex toys that are not only functional but incredibly stylish.

Easy Controls on the We-Vibe Match

When the We-Vibe Match is turned on it sends vibrations to the erogenous areas. The vibrations are controlled by a wireless remote. The wireless remote is designed to comfortably sit in the palm of a person’s hand for long periods of time. It features up and down buttons to decrease or increase the level of speed and left and right buttons to go forward or backwards between vibrations modes. There are 10 vibrations modes to choose from which means that there is a large selection of choice.

Savings Are Passed Onto The Customer

Although the We-Vibe Match remote control works perfectly, the We-Vibe Match is not compatible with the We-Connect application. We-Vibe’s sex toys that are compatible with the We-Connect application allows the sex toy vibration modes to be fully customised, a touch mode for real-time control and a beat mode where the sex toy can change its vibration pattern to match along with music.

Looking for another option for people who would like to fully customise their sex session through the We-Connect application?

It is recommended you try out the We-Vibe Sync which is a sex toy that can sync a couple’s sex drive. Benefit of the We-Vibe Match not being compatible with the We-Connect application means that there is less cost involved in manufacturing the product.  This means We-Vibe and the sex toy shop that sells you the vibrator is able to pass the savings onto the customer.  Makes the product fall in the middle pricing range making it a luxury sex toy that’s incredibly affordable.

Extra Ribbing For Extra Pleasure

One of my favourite features about the We-Vibe Match is that on the arms of the couple’s sex toy is ribbing. This means that with each thrust the sex toy will gently caress the clitoris and G-spot with added pleasure. The We-Vibe Match really works by enhancing a couple’s sex session and can reduce the anxiety that can come alongside sexually performing. This makes for a stress free, fun and orgasmic sex session.

The Power Is Just Right

The We-Vibe Match power levels are just right. It is not powerful as the We-Vibe Sync but it is so much more powerful than the We-Vibe Unite. This makes it a perfect choice for a couple who is experimenting with sex toys for the first time. Sometimes when a person feels vibrations that are too strong it can impact the gradual build-up of an orgasm.

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Seamlessly Designed With Body Safe Silicone

The We-Vibe Match is made from body safe silicone which feels incredibly silky. The silicone is free from any toxic ingredients or chemicals that can cause harm to the body. It is completely free from phthalates and BPA. For those who have latex allergies, it does not contain any latex whatsoever. The silicone covers the sex toy seamlessly, this makes the sex toy waterproof! One of the benefits of body safe silicone is that it is not porous. As there are no crevices that bacteria can hide it makes it easy to wash.

A Delightful Colour

The We-Vibe Match is available in a delightful periwinkle colour which is a light blue. The colour is soft to the eyes and has a calming effect on the viewer. Its soft tones do not take away from couples play. The blue also looks incredibly clean.

Designed For All Body Types

The dimensions measure 76.5 mm by 29.7 mm by 46.4mm.It is made with a slim fit with smooth edges for easy insertion for all different body types.

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Fully Rechargeable

We-Vibe Match comes with a charging base.  Charging base is white with a modern and classy design. No one will know what the charging base is for as it looks like a regular stand. The charging base can also be used to place the couple’s sex toy on display in the bedroom. The charging base is connected with a USB cable which can be plugged into any ports and power adapters that are USB compatible. The We-Vibe Match takes 90 minutes to fully charge. Once fully charged, it can run for up to 2 hours of continuous play.

There are many benefits of a rechargeable sex toy.

Since the batteries do not need to be replaced, there will be less rubbish which makes it environmentally friendly.  Since there are no batteries that rattle around inside the sex toy during use, it makes it a quieter sex toy. And the We-Vibe Match has 2 hours of continuous play. Couples never have to be worried about it running out of power.

In fact, it can be used multiple times before the battery needs to be recharged.

Silk Bag For Storage

We-Vibe Match comes with a silk bag that feels soft and luxurious. If you would like to store it away from prying eyes, you can place it in the silk bag.  Silk bag has a string which pulls the bag shut. If you choose to store the We-Vibe Match inside the silk bag, it will be protected from dust and loose debris.  It will be protected from other sex toys and objects that may accidently move against it.

2 Year Warranty

To top that all off, the We-Vibe Match has a two year warranty! Only the best sex toy companies and manufacturers can offer a two year warranty. It really goes to show that the manufacturers believe that their sex toy is made to last the hard yards! You really could not expect anything less from a product made by the Standard Innovation Company.

Standard Innovation’s bestselling sex toy range is We-Vibe and their products are absolutely amazing!

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