Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Wand Set

So, Pornhub is considered to be the biggest and most popular porn sharing website in the world. They have recently released the Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Wand Set.  Pornhub offers amateur and professional porn by world famous actors and actresses. It has been in operation since 2017. With over 10 years of professional experience, they have expanded their company to create high quality sex toys.

Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Wand Set is a multipurpose sex toy collection which includes a body wand and three sleeve attachments.  Sleeve attachments are designed to fit over the tip of the body wand to turn it into a completely different sex toy.  This sex toy attachments include anal beads, a rabbit vibrator or a textured cap.

Themed To Match Pornhub’s Company Colours

To match Pornhub’s logo, it is designed in its famous colours black and yellow. Black is used throughout the entire body of the sex toy whereas the buttons are made in yellow. This sex toy is made from silicone that is phthalate free and body safe.

Raised Buttons That Are Easy To Use

Buttons are raised with different textured patterns on them to symbolise what they do.

  • Bottom button is used to turn the sex toy on and off.
  • Middle button is used to adjust the mode.
  • Top button is used to adjust the speed.

Adjustable Head That Bends With Pressure

Designed for powerful stimulation. It can be used to massage different areas of the body to loosen up the muscles.  Head of the body wand adjusts and bends according to the amount of pressure that is applied to the sex toy. This way it really fits into all the different spots.

Ride The Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Wand Set

Since the size of the body wand is quite large. It can be placed between two pillows. A woman can straddle their body over the sex toy and massage their clitoris into the body wand for a hands free experience. Their lover can watch their session of solo play.  It will be incredibly visually stimulating experience that they won’t be able to forget.

Soften The Vibrations For A Soothing Pleasurable Experience

It is a great sex toy which can be used by people who have erogenous zones that require higher levels of stimulation to reach orgasm.

If the vibrations are too powerful, they can be softened by using a piece of cloth like a blanket or by wearing underwear. Place the cloth or wear the underwear and the vibrations will gently permeate throughout the material. And soothe the erogenous zones. When you are ready, the piece of cloth or underwear can be removed for a more intense and toe curling experience that you may never be able to forget.

It will have you cumming back for more.

Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Body Wand With Sex Toy Attachments
Pornhub sex toys

A Big Surface To Pleasure A Larger Area

One of the benefits of using a body wand that has a big external surface.  It can take up larger areas of stimulation making it easier to use. Hand the body wand over to your lover, so that they can control the amount of pleasure that you receive.  This is one of the reasons why it is a great sex toy to use when a woman is in the doggy style sex position. Or when a couple is spooning together. Its long handle allows the sex toy to easily reach around and held up to the clitoris.

Use For Edge Play And Orgasm Denial

Since the body wand provides so much power, it makes it a great sex toy which can be used for edge play and orgasm denial. Building up a gradual climax and reach orgasm is easy with this body wand. Making it that much more easily to stop the orgasm and rebuild it again. This can be one incredibly way to experience earth shattering orgasms.

Anal Bead Sleeve Attachment

If you want even more stimulation you can use the sex toy attachments.  Anal bead sleeve is made with four beads.

  • It begins with a smaller bead and works its way up to a much larger bead.
  • Smaller bead allows for easy insertion.
  • Larger beads are used to gradual expand the anus.
  • It is a great sex toy attachment to use if you are planning on engaging in penetrative anal sex.
  • Using this sex toy will gradually loosen the muscles in the anus making penetration easier.
  • Vibrations sent through the anal beads will feel amazing.
  • What can send people over the edge is building up a climax with the anal beads inserted. When the person reaches orgasm or during orgasm pull out the anal beads to make the orgasm even more intense.
Pornhub Climax Rechargeable
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Rabbit Vibrator Sleeve Attachment

There is a rabbit vibrator sleeve which can be used by both women and men. For women, the rabbit vibrator attachment can pleasure the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. For men, the rabbit vibrator attachment can stimulate the P-spot and the perineum at the same time. The silicone gently bends with the body so it is able to ergonomically shape itself to many body types.

Cap Sleeve Sleeve Attachment

There is a cap sleeve which adds textured nubs and wavy ridges. For women looking for new ways to experience clitoral stimulation, the cap sleeve is a perfect way to add textures into solo or mutual masturbation. Texture is incredibly important for clitoral stimulation, the nubs and ridges can gently pull on the clitoris, U-spot and labia bringing intense levels of pleasure. Massage the clitoris and move the body wand to the side of the sleeve you would like it to stimulate to change the type of pleasure that is experienced.

Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Wand Set Is Fully Rechargeable

Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Wand Set is designed with a Lithium-ion battery that is fully rechargeable so that you can enjoy yourself for as long as you would like to.The Pornhub Climax Rechargeable Wand is not waterproof but this is an unnecessary features considering that the body will only come in contact with the tip of the wand or the sex toy attachments which can be easily removed to wash. For more information about sex toys, be sure to read a vibrator guide so your sex toy shopping goes as smoothly as possible.
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Pornhub Climax Rechargeable
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